Anker Prime Series Chargers and Power Banks August 2023

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Yesterday, Anker officially launched the new Prime Series range of chargers and power banks, which includes the Anker Prime 27,650mAh Power Bank I have reported on in the past.

Anker, globally renowned for its leading mobile charging technology, has launched its highly anticipated Anker Prime Series, which promises to redefine top-tier charging solutions. This new generation of high-speed, multi-port chargers has been engineered to fully exploit the advantages of Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, including superior power transfer, compact design, and active heat reduction and monitoring. The Anker Prime Series includes the groundbreaking 240-watt charger for high-performance laptops and the formidable 250-watt power bank (also available in two lower watt models) with an optional 100-watt charging base. The portable charging base allows users to charge their power bank wirelessly, while also functioning as a standalone charger. The series also includes a 100-watt charger and 67-watt charger, along with a sleek and potent 6-in-1 charging station, perfect for maintaining a tidy workspace.

Anker Prime Series Chargers and Power Banks

Steven Yang, CEO of Anker, addressed the modern challenges faced by users: “How often have you had to choose which device to keep powered on when you’re on the go with a phone, tablet, smartwatch, headphones, and laptop?” He further added, “At Anker, we are committed to providing solutions that enable our customers to stay connected without compromise. Our latest Anker Prime Series represents a significant advance in delivering charging accessories that charge faster and cater to the ever-increasing demands of diverse devices. The Anker Prime Series is a testament to Anker’s ongoing mission to charge everything, anywhere, faster and simultaneously, providing users with unparalleled power, portability, and performance.”

Anker Prime 240-watt GaN Desktop Charger – Capable of 140W & 100W simultaneous charging

Anker Prime 240 watt GaN Desktop Charger

The 240-watt desktop charger, Anker’s most powerful USB-C charger yet, can charge two MacBook Pros, an iPhone, and an iPad simultaneously at high speed, courtesy of its three USB-C ports and one USB-A. Yet, it is only slightly larger than Apple’s 140-watt single-port charger, all the while providing four high-speed charging ports. The Anker Prime 240-Watt Desktop Charger is a significant step towards abolishing the need for bulky, proprietary laptop chargers, ensuring no device is left uncharged.

Anker Prime 250-watt Power Bank: Offering Unrivalled Power Delivery On the Go

Anker Prime 250 watt Power Bank

This is the PowerCore Prime 27K I reported about back in June and is effectively the successor to the amazing 737 PowerCore 24K.

This boasts a whopping capacity of over 27,000 mAh, up from the 24,000mAh of the 737 power bank.

It has a simultaneous power output of 250 watts, this ultra high-capacity power bank can charge an iPhone 14 up to five times without needing a recharge. It achieves 250W output when all three ports are used, giving you 140W for USB-C1, 92W for USB-C2, and 18W for the USB-A port.

Combined with the Anker app, this power bank optimizes charging, monitors charging status via a display screen, and can be located using Bluetooth if misplaced. It is also compatible with a wireless charging base, keeping the power bank always ready to go. The Anker Prime power bank also comes in two lower-wattage models (200W and 130W).

AnkerPowerCore Prime 27KPowerCore 24K
Model Number:A1340A1289
Capacity:99.54 Wh
27650mAh advertised?
86.4 Wh
USB-C Ports22
USB-A Ports11
Single-Port USB-C Output:140W140W
Total Output:250W
140W via USB-C 1 Port
110W Shared via USB-C 2 and USB-A Ports
100W Max on USB-C if using USBA
Wireless Charging StandYes, with 100W input/output
Single-Port USB-C Input140W140W
Dual-Port USB-C Input170WN/A
Smart Digital DisplayYesYes
App CompatibleNoNo
Dimensions160×54.6×49.5 mm155.7 × 54.6 × 49.5
Weight600 grams630 gram

Anker Prime 67-watt GaN Charger: The Ideal Balance of Power and Portability

The Anker Prime 67-watt Charger is Anker’s most portable high-wattage charger ever, with three ports and the capacity to charge a 14-inch MacBook Pro effortlessly. At 51% smaller than the original single-port MacBook Pro 67-Watt charger, it easily fits in a pocket or small handbag.

Anker Prime 100-watt GaN Charger: A Must-Have for Multi-tasking Travelers

100W USB C Plug, Anker Prime GaN 3-Port Fast PPS USB C... 100W USB C Plug, Anker Prime GaN 3-Port Fast PPS USB C... No ratings yet £75.98Amazon Prime

The Anker Prime 100-watt Charger comes with three ports, allowing simultaneous high-speed charging for both a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro. Impressively, it is 45% smaller than Apple’s original single-port 96-Watt charger, fulfilling all charging needs without sacrificing power or performance.

Wireless 100-watt Charging Base: The Ultimate Solution for Power Bank Recharging

The wireless 100-watt charging stand, compatible with all new Anker Prime power bank models, recharges via a robust pogo pin magnet. It provides a convenient solution for keeping the power bank fully charged at all times. Besides, this stand doubles as a 3-port, 100-Watt charger for desktop use or as a portable standalone charger on-the-go. The Wireless 100W Charging Stand can be bought separately or as a bundle with the Anker Prime 250W Power Bank.

Anker Prime Lineup

Product NameTypeMax Total OutputPortPrice
Anker Prime 240-watt GaN Desktop ChargerDesk Charger240W3 USB-C
Anker Prime 250-watt Power BankPower Bank250W2 USB-C
Anker Prime 67-watt GaN Wall ChargerWall Charger67W2 USB-C
Anker Prime 100-watt GaN Wall ChargerWall Charger100W2 USB-C
Anker Prime 130-watt Power BankPower Bank130W2 USB-C£100
Anker Prime 200-watt Power BankPower Bank200W2 USB-C
Wireless 100-watt Charging BaseWireless Charging Base100W2 USB-C
1 Pogo Pin

Price and Availability

Availability and pricing of Anker Prime lineup is listed below. Most products will be available for purchase as of today in the UK on and

The 240-watt charger will be available with “coming soon”.

The 250-watt Power Bank will be available with “coming soon”.

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