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Anker is at the forefront of portable power bank technology. The Anker 737 Power Bank is the best high-capacity PD3.0 power bank on the market, and Anker doesn’t seem to be slowing down when it comes to releasing new and improved products.

Recently, it has been revealed that Anker is developing three new portable chargers as part of its new PowerCore Prime series.

This information was posted on Reddit r/anker by Joshuadwx, and they seem to be a reliable source of information.

Official Announcement

Just a couple of hours after I posted this article, Anker officially announced the Anker Prime series. Not much information so far but the press release states:

Anker, the world’s #1 mobile charging brand, today unveiled several products focused on charging devices faster, including the new Anker Prime series. This lineup of premium high-speed, multi-port devices is headlined by the new 67-watt, 100-watt and 250-watt USB-C chargers, as well as the Anker Prime 250-watt power bank — an ultra-high-capacity (+27,000 mAh) power bank featuring a 100-W wireless charging base. Retail availability and pricing for these Anker Prime charging accessories are slated to be released in July 2023. 

In addition, Anker officially launched the Anker Reserve Power Bank, a perfect accessory for the great outdoors, featuring a 60,000 mAh LiFeP04 battery, two USB-C and two USB-A ports, as well as a standard XT 60 solar plug compatible with solar panels ranging from 10-24 volts. The Anker Reserve also features a pop-up, adjustable light source – perfect for a campsite or backyard BBQ.

The Anker Reserve Power Bank is available for sale today on for $169.99

PowerCore Prime Power Banks Features

High Watt Power Delivery 3.0

Anker 737 PowerCore 24K Power Delivery Input
120W power delivery input from a Ugreen PD plug

The highlight of these power banks is that they are all capable of high-powered output using power delivery 3.0. I am a huge fan of this style of power bank as there are a growing number of devices that can benefit from them. You are no longer restricted to charging just your phone or earbuds. You can use these power banks to charge laptops or one of the growing number of handheld consoles, such as the Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch or the new Asus ROG Ally. I have also used them to drive high-powered portable COB lights from Zhiyun.

Smart Digital Display

PowerCore Smart Display

Similar to the existing 737 PowerCore 24K, these new power banks include a smart digital display which shows the current power input and output of each port as well as the remaining battery, and you can even pull up the battery stats. This is a great feature for me personally as I regularly test how much power a device is using, but it is useful for everyone as it allows you to gauge how long the power bank will take to charge or discharge.

PowerCore Mobile App

The new PowerCore Prime models are also expected to support the Anker mobile application. This will allow for personalizing the Smart Digital Display, updating firmware, checking the charging status, and quickly locating the power bank.

Anker already has one power bank that supports an app with the Anker PowerCore+ 10000 Pro though this is iPhone only, as is the app.

Wireless Charging Stand 

Finally, all the PowerCore Prime power banks should be compatible with a new 100W wireless charging stand.

The stand has 3 USB output ports for charging other devices and will also be available to order separately.

Anker PowerCore Prime Portable Chargers

Anker 737 PowerCore Prime 28K (Anker Prime 250) vs 737 PowerCore 24K

Anker 737 PowerCore Prime 28K
Anker 737 PowerCore Prime 28K with wireless charging stand – Source: u/joshuadwx

The new Anker 737 PowerCore Prime is the most exacting product, and the top-of-the-range model Anker will be offering. I have made a quick comparison with their current flagship model, the Anker 737 PowerCore 24K, with I reviewed the other month.

AnkerPowerCore Prime 27KPowerCore 24K
Model Number:A1340A1289
Capacity:99.54 Wh
27650mAh advertised?
86.4 Wh
USB-C Ports22
USB-A Ports11
Single-Port USB-C Output:140W140W
Total Output:250W
140W via USB-C 1 Port
110W Shared via USB-C 2 and USB-A Ports
100W Max on USB-C if using USBA
Wireless Charging StandYes, with 100W input/output
Single-Port USB-C Input140W140W
Dual-Port USB-C Input170WN/A
Smart Digital DisplayYesYes
App CompatibleNoNo
Dimensions160×54.6×49.5 mm155.7 × 54.6 × 49.5
Weight600 grams630 gram

I assume the PowerCore Prime 27650 will be abbreviated to 28K or perhaps 27K and that this number relates to the advertised capacity, which will be 27650mAh, though this is not the same as the true capacity. The listed 99.54 Wh is a more accurate measure of capacity, and this works out at 15.2% higher than the 737 PowerCore 24K.

It seems like the new PowerCore Prime 28K will have the exact same dimensions and be lower in weight than the existing PowerCore 24K. I am a little sceptical that this is possible as it has a larger capacity, higher power output and will need extra components for the wireless charging.

You will then note that it can have a dual USB-C input, taking the total input up to 170W. Considering you can get 140W from a single USB-C input, I am not sure it is worth the faff of using two ports. Perhaps if it accepts up to 140W input on both USB-C ports, it could give you the flexibility to use 100W+65W or 65W+65W if you don’t have a high-powered PD plug.

Some Reddit users have justifiably said that they would have preferred it if it had more USB-C ports as you are unlikely to need 140W for one port than 110W for another, but you could use up to 250W if you had four ports available.

Anker 735 PowerCore Prime 20K

  • Model Number: A1336
  • Capacity: 72 Wh
  • 2 USB-C Ports
  • USB-A Port
  • Single-Port USB-C Output: 100W
  • Total Output: 200W
  • Input: 100W
  • Full Recharge Time: 45 Minutes
  • Smart Digital Display
  • Dimensions: ~12.67×5.46×4.95 cm
  • Price: ~$119.99 or ~$159.99 with Wireless Charging Stand

There is no image for this one, yet.

The Reddit thread pointed out that this is about 50% larger than 525 PowerCore Essential 20000 PD (20W).

In general, it is the battery that adds most of the weight to these devices, but the PowerCore Essential is basically just a battery and some ports with a plastic shell. The Anker 735 PowerCore Prime 20K is a bit more advanced and will need superior cooling due to the 200W total output. It then also has a display and optional wireless charging.

Anker 723 PowerCore Prime 12K

Anker 723 PowerCore Prime 12K
  • Model Number: A1335
  • Capacity: 43.2 Wh
  • 2 USB-C Ports
  • Single-Port USB-C Output: 65W
  • Total Output: 65W
  • Input: 65W
  • Full Recharge Time: 45 Minutes
  • Smart Digital Display
  • Dimensions: ~13.45×5.5×3.3 cm
  • Weight: ~349 grams

Not really sure what the mockup image shows 140W when this isn’t capable of it…

Again, it is pointed out that this is about 80% larger and 60% heavier than the upcoming 533 PowerCore 10K, despite having a battery capacity of just 20% larger, though it is much more powerful.

However, this is likely to be the smallest (capacity and physical size) power bank with a 65W PD3.0 output, so it is quite impressive.

Price and Availability

The Anker 735 PowerCore Prime 20K was the only model listed with a price. This is expected to be $119.99 or $159.99 with the wireless charging stand.

At the time of writing, there is no word on when these new power banks will be available.

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