YOJOCK USB C Tester Power Meter Mighty Gadget Review

I recently reviewed the superb Anker 737 Power Bank, which is the only power bank that has 140W PD 3.1, making it suitable for the Macbook Pro 16”. I have also reviewed many new power delivery plugs that claim to do 65W, 100W or 140W power delivery and a few portable power stations with 100W PD input/output.

So being able to measure the input/output of these devices is quite important. USB power meters are handy little tools for anyone that needs to check the power delivery performance of electronics.

In the past, I was using an Innovateking USB-C Tester, which was UBS-C only and claimed to measure 0-4A 3.7-30V. This meant it could handle up to 120W, and I paid £15 for it back in 2021.

I seem to have lost this in the mess that is my office, so I recently bought the Yojock USB-C tester for the same price, but this tester has USB-C, USB-A and microUSB making it a bit more useful for testing a wide range of devices.

[amazon box=”B09T3KHBFL”]

Cheap vs Expensive USB-C Voltmeter Tester / Power Meters

At £15, it was cheap enough to be an impulse buy that I didn’t need to think about,

When looking on Amazon, there were options going up to £80, which can be linked up to a PC for more thorough data logging.

You then have a lot of options in the £30+ price range that have varying features.

My initial assumption was that the cheap options, such as my Yojock, wouldn’t be able to handle the new higher-power delivery devices. However, this can go up to 32V and 5.1A for a theoretical peak 163W input/output. However, the measuring range is officially listed at 150W, which is higher than any power delivery charger on the market, therefore making it suitable for my needs.

One of the £30+ options I looked at is capable of 4.5V-50V and 50mA-6.5A, giving 325W but claimed support of USB-PD R3.1 Extended Power Range (101W-240W).

You then have the Innovateking-EU FNB48 for around £38. This does 4-24V and 0-6.5A with a monitoring capacity of up to 156W. That doesn’t seem like good value for money, but the main difference is that it supports multiple fast charging protocols, including:

  • PPLE 2.4A, QC2.0, QC3.0, PD, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, Huawei SCP, VOOC/WARP, SuperVOOC, and MTK-PE.

This, therefore, makes it compatible with the likes of OPPO/Realme/OnePlus and Huawei.

Due to me testing a lot of devices, I probably should have bought one of the better power meters, but this works for now and I will inevitably lose it.

Specification / Features

YOJOCK USB C Tester USB Power Meter Interface
  • The USB tester can detects voltage, current, capacity, electric quantity, power, temperature, resistance, charging time and other data of the USB or type C port devices.
  • It can also be used to test the capacity and electric energy of a power bank. Measuring voltage: 3.6V-32V; measuring current: 0-5.1A.
  • The USB power meter comes with A OTG adapter
  • It supports PD3.0/PD2.0, QC3.0/QC2.0 and BC1.2
  • Support for iPhone includes 13/12/11/X/iPhone Xs quick charging, 29W power, 5V3A/9V3A/12V2.5A/15V2A
  • This USB C tester features over-voltage protection, over-current protection, under-voltage protection, low energy protection. This upgraded USB Type C tester can detect safety and maximally protect the appliances from damage

Inputs / Outputs

This has input and outputs for:

  • USB-A – Input/Output
  • USB-C – Input/Output
  • Micro USB – Input only

Measurement Specification

Redmi Note 12 Pro+ 5GRedmi Note 12 Pro 5GRedmi Note 12 5GRedmi Note 12
Display120Hz 120Hz 
6.67” FHD+ Flow AMOLED display6.67” FHD+ AMOLED 
Rear camera200MP wide cameraIMX766 wide camera48MP main camera50MP wide camera
8MP ultra-wide camera8MP ultra-wide camera8MP ultra-wide camera8MP ultra-wide camera
2MP macro camera2MP macro camera2MP macro camera2MP macro camera
Front camera16MP front camera13MP front camera
Dimension & Weight162.9mm x 76mm x 8.98mm162.9mm x 76mm x 7.9mm165.88mm x 76.21mm x 7.98mm165.66mm x 75.96mm x 7.85mm
Processor MediaTek
Dimensity 1080
Snapdragon®  4
Gen 1
UFS 2.2 Storage
Battery &5,000mAh (typ) battery5,000mAh (typ) battery5,000mAh (typ) battery
ChargingSupports 120W HyperChargeSupports 67W turbo charging33W fast charging
AudioDual speakers3.5mm headphone jack
Dolby® Atmos
3.5mm headphone jack
ConnectivitySupports dual 5GSupports dual 5GDual Sim + microSD
Wi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, 5GHzWi-Fi 2.4GHz, 5GHz
Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.1Bluetooth 5.0
IR BlastIR BlastIR Blast
- 2G: GSM:850 900 1800 1900 MHz- 2G: GSM: 850 900 1800 1900 MHz- 2G: GSM: 850 900 1800 1900 MHz
- 3G: WCDMA: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19- 3G: WCDMA: 1/2/4/5/8- 3G: WCDMA: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
- 4G: LTE FDD: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/26/28/32/66- 4G: LTE FDD: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28/32- 4G: LTE FDD: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/26/28/32/66
- 4G: LTE TDD: 38/40/71- 4G: LTE TDD: 38/40/41- 4G: LTE TDD: 38/40/41
-5G: n1/3/5/7/8/20/28/38/40/41/66/77/78-5G: n1/3/5/7/8/20/28/38/40/41/77/78
Security Side fingerprint sensor
AI Face Unlock
Variant8GB+256GB6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB4GB+128GB, 6GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB, Expandable storage up to 1TB44GB+64GB, 4GB+128GB, 6GB+128GB,
Expandable storage up to 1TB
Color Midnight Black, Polar White, Sky BlueOnyx Gray, Forest Green, Ice BlueOnyx Gray, Mint Green, Ice Blue

In Use

The button on the tester provides such a basic functionality:

  • Short press to switch different interface
  • Quick 2 Press: Reset capacity (mAh)
  • Quick 3 Press: Reset energy(Wh)
  • Quick 4 Press: Reset timing (00:00:00)
  • Quick 5 Press: Change group number (NO.X, total 10 groups of data)
  • Long Press to reset capacity, energy and timing of current group(mAh, Wh, 00:00:00)
  • On the system interface, short press the key to switch different setting options, long press the key to select and enter the option.

Testing Peak Power Delivery Input / Output on Different Devices

YOJOCK USB C Tester Charging the Redmagic 8 Pro

For most of the tests, I used the 140W rating USB-C cable that came with the Anker 737 Power Bank. For the Realme test, I used the included cable for the charger.

  • Redmagic 8 Pro:
    • Expected: 65W
    • Result: 60.38W
  • Pixel 6:
    • Expected: 22.5W (even though the charger claims 30W)
    • Result:
  • Pixel 6 Wireless Charger:
    • Expected: 21W
    • Result:
  • Realme GT Neo 3T:
    • Expected: 80W
    • PD Charger: 18W
    • Supplied Charger: 78.6W
  • Anker 737 Power Bank:
    • Expected: 140W
    • Result:120.38W
  • Huawei Matebook 13:
    • Expected: 65W
    • Result:
  • EcoFlow RIVER 2 MAX:
  • Ugreen Nexode 140W GaNFast Charger (charging the Anker):
    • Expected: 140W
    • Result:

Overall, I was happier with the results than I expected. I wasn’t sure the meter would pass through or read the correct values for Realme, as they use a proprietary charging standard.

The Ugreen Nexode 140W shows a lower-than-expected value, but I was only able to achieve a bit over 120W when charging the Anker 737 Power Bank.

Price and Alternative options

[amazon box=”B09T3KHBFL”]

I paid £14.90 for the Yojock USB-C tester, and it is one of the best and most reviewed options on Amazon. There are cheaper options, especially if you only need USB-C only, but for the sake a few pounds, I’d say this is worth the extra.

As highlighted at the start of the review, there are quite a lot of alternative options which cost more money but have a better specifications:

  • AVHzY 3 in 1 Power Meter – This is an interesting option because it also adds DC5.5 input/output, and it has Bluetooth allowing it to transmit the data readings to an app.
  • AVHzY CT-3 / CT-3A / CT-3L – This brand has three options ranking from £60 to £80. All the models can do 26V/6A (156W) though the listing states maximum power of 65W Max 100W guaranteed
    • The CT-3 supports both USB-C and USB-A input and output (the C3 model only has USB-C input/output)
    • The CT-3L includes a test load module which is programmable via the actual CT-3 module.
  • Plugable Store 240W USB-C Power Meter – The only has basic functionality, but it is one of the only options that can go up to 240W with the SB-PD R3.1 Extended Power Range


For the price, the Yojock USB-C tester is excellent and exceeded my expectations, being able to read the correct power for the proprietary charging standard from Realme.

In hindsight, I probably should have paid extra for a tester with more features, but for most scenarios, especially when only testing the power delivery standard, this works perfectly well.

YOJOCK USB-C Power Meter / Digital Multimeter Review Rating
  • Overall - 90%


For the price, the Yojock USB-C tester is excellent and it exceeded my expectations

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