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I bought the Cycplus electric pump last year mainly to use on my car as one tyre looked flat, and it looked useful to keep in the car for emergencies.

I could have bought a 12V electric car pump which would have been cheaper and likely more effective (or at least not reliant on a battery). However, I was curious about using this for a potential bike pump. I hate mini pumps, and I appear to be incompetent with CO2 cartridges and normally takes at least two attempts to successfully inflate a tyre.

At 317g, this is far from ideal for a road bike pump, but I thought it may still come in handy on more leisurely rides with my partner, and it has the benefit of working with different valves.


  • Valve: Dunlop, Schrader, Presta + Ball Needle
  • Pressure Reading: Yes
  • Modes: BAR, PSI, KPA or Kg / cm².
  • Max PSI: 150
  • Battery: 5000mah?
  • Light: 80 lumens & 7 hour battery
  • Size: 1.97×1.97×7.09 (inches) / 5cm x 5cm x 18cm
  • Weight: 0.74lb / 317g


CYCPLUS Air Pump A3 Review2

The Cycplus Air Pump A3 has a simple design, like most electric pumps. It is a large cylindrical shame with a microUSB port on the bottom and then the pump port on the top. On the side of the pump are buttons to select the pressure, reset and start.

The pump valve can then be stored in a slot running down the unit. There is also an adaptor included for Presta valves and a needle for footballs or other similar objects.

When I bought this, I underestimated how large it is. It won’t be a problem for most people, but I thought it might be possible to take this with me when using my road bike. Carrying 317g doesn’t seem like too much additional weight, but it is too big for any bike bag. I often wear a running vest when cycling, and it is too big for that too. It will be OK in a small backpack.

How to Use

These things are quite easy to use, you choose the desired unit, select the pressure you want, and it will automatically inflate your tyre.

Pumping a Road Bike Tyre

My first test was with my road bike, and it was largely a failure. The Presta valve adaptor does not seem to get a proper fit, and it leaks more air than it inflates.

I had more luck when I switched to an e-bike with a Schrader valve tyre. You need to make sure the valve is pushed in as far as you can, and it should work OK in this mode. It was able to get a decent amount of pressure into the partially inflated tyre after about 1 minute.

Pumping a Car Tyre

Similar to the e-bike, pumping up my car tyre worked OK. The one caveat is that I am not overly confident the battery would last long enough to inflate the tyre properly if it looks very deflated.


Bike Pump

The product listing does not state the battery capacity. Cycplus says this is 500mAh, which is very poor. Looking at their other product listings, they state 500mAh*4 12.8V, so it is most likely 2000mAh in total.

I haven’t used any other electric bike pumps, so I am unsure what sort of battery life is realistic. For bikes and topping up your car tyre, it is fine. I think it would struggle with a heavily deflated car tyre, and you will also want to recharge it after every use.

Price & Best Electric Bike Pumps

The Cycplus electric pump has an RRP of £50, but it looks like it has been £40 for the past two years. It is the best-reviewed option on Amazon, hence why I bought this model.

There are plenty of alternative options, some are cheaper, and some are smaller. This includes:

  • CYCPLUS Air Pump A8 seems to be a better option. It is newer with USB-C and a bigger battery. It weighs more at 461g and costs about £3 more.
  • Woowind BP188 Electric Bike Pump is cheaper, has a 2x1200mAh battery but weighs more and has a lower 120PSI
  • Woowind AP2-P is better than the BP188 but costs a little bit more. It only weighs 6g more yet has a better battery of 2x2000mAh and higher 150PSI. It can also work as a power bank.
  • AstroAI Cordless Tyre Inflator Electric Bike Pump has a 4500mAh battery using 3*1500mAh. It is USB-C and can work as a power bank as well as a flashlight. It is quite heavy at 480g.

There are many other options, but they are all more or less the same. I’d personally recommend one with USB-C as they tend to charge faster and have a power bank feature. If you are keeping it in your car, I’d go with any that has a high battery capacity.

The main advantage of the Cycplus Air Pump A3 is that it is the lightest option I can find, but they are all a bit weighty if you are carrying them around, so I’d personally go with something else.


The Cycplus Air Pump A3 is OK. It works well as a car tyre pump, and I had some success with bike tyres, although it wasn’t much use with my road bike.

It is the best-reviewed option on Amazon, and I can recommend it myself, however it seems like there are now better options available, including newer models from Cycplus. It seems like the continued success of the Cycplus Air Pump A3 is due to the high number of Amazon reviews placing it higher in the listings rather than it being technically superior to the other models.

CYCPLUS Air Pump A3 Review Rating


The Cycplus Air Pump A3 is OK. It works well as a car tyre pump, and I had some success with bike tyres, although it wasn’t much use with my road bike.

  • Overall - 65%


  • Works well with car and Schrader bike valves


  • Presta valve is not much use
  • Better alternative options

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