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Anker subsidiary Eufy today announced the global launch of its new flagship robotic vacuum, the eufy Robot Vacuum Omni S1 Pro. The S1 Pro introduces several industry-leading features, including a revolutionary floor washing system, a compact all-in-one base station, and advanced obstacle avoidance technology.

The Omni S1 Pro is currently available for pre-order through Kickstarter, with early bird discounts of up to 40% off the anticipated retail price of \$1,499. It will be available for regular purchase on Eufy’s website starting in May.

Some of the images have Mach branding on the product, but this has now been dropped with the Eufy branding used on the final products.

Innovative Floor Washing System

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One of the standout features of the S1 Pro is its advanced floor washing capabilities. It boasts a 290mm TurboWash Roller Mop, the longest in its class, which rotates at 170 RPM while applying 10N of downward pressure. This mimics the scrubbing action of manual mopping to effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains.

The vacuum incorporates two separate water tanks – one for clean water mixed with cleaning solution, and another for collecting dirty wastewater. This dual-tank design keeps the mop and floors clean throughout the cleaning process.

For added hygiene, the S1 Pro utilizes Eufy’s proprietary Eco-Clean Ozone technology. An integrated ozone generator sanitizes the floor and the vacuum’s components, including the roller mop, achieving an impressive 99.99% sterilization rate. This provides peace of mind for households with children and pets.

Complementing the mopping system is a powerful 8,000 Pa suction and a 12mm auto mop lift that elevates the mop when carpets are detected. This protects carpets, especially medium-pile varieties, from potential moisture damage.

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Sleek, Compact Design

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The Omni S1 Pro showcases Eufy’s commitment to innovative design. Its minimalist aesthetic allows it to blend seamlessly into modern home decor. The all-in-one base station features a transparent water tank for easy monitoring of water levels.

Despite its advanced capabilities, the S1 Pro maintains a low profile with a height of just 96mm (3.77 inches). A square body design and hidden LiDAR tower enable it to clean deep into corners and navigate under low-clearance furniture like sofas and beds. The vacuum can reach within 1cm of walls and corners for thorough edge cleaning.

Hands-Free Maintenance with UniClean Station

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The S1 Pro’s UniClean base station automates maintenance tasks for a truly hands-free experience. After each cleaning session, the vacuum automatically docks and empties its dustbin, which can go up to 68 days before requiring a new bag.

The station also cleans the mopping pads using Eco-Clean Ozone sterilization and dries them with hot air to prevent bacterial growth and odors. It disposes of dirty wastewater and refills the clean water tank with fresh solution to prepare the S1 Pro for its next cleaning run.

Advanced Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

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Eufy has equipped the S1 Pro with its proprietary 3D MatrixEye depth perception system, which uses technology similar to that found in self-driving cars. An RGB camera with active binocular vision captures 30,000 stereo pixels per second – 750 times more than the industry average.

This enables the vacuum to create detailed 3D models of obstacles in its path and intelligently navigate around them, much like a human would. It can recognize and avoid common household items like toys, cables, shoes, and pet waste. The S1 Pro also steers clear of moving obstacles such as pets and children while cleaning.

For precise mapping and navigation, the S1 Pro incorporates a dToF LiDAR sensor that detects large obstacles up to 39 feet (12 meters) away. This allows for accurate home mapping and efficient route planning, even in low-light conditions. The vacuum’s 3D SLAM system ensures millimeter-level accuracy in its 3D maps, adapting to changes in furniture placement without losing its bearings.

Convenient App Control

Users can control the Omni S1 Pro through the eufy mobile app, which offers a range of features for customized cleaning. These include multi-floor mapping, spot cleaning, cleaning resumption, personalized cleaning modes, scheduling, and the ability to set no-go zones.

Pricing and Availability

As part of its Kickstarter launch campaign, eufy is offering several early bird discounts and bundle deals for the Omni S1 Pro:

  • Super Early Bird: 40% off MSRP
  • Early Bird: 33% off MSRP
  • Early Bird + Accessory Kit 1 (worth $1,699.99): 33% off MSRP
  • Early Bird + Accessory Kit 2 (worth $1,899.99): 33% off MSRP
  • Early Bird 2-Pack (worth $2,999.99): 37% off MSRP
  • Kickstarter Special: 27% off MSRP

The first 500 Kickstarter backers will have the opportunity to secure the Super Early Bird discount of 40% off the anticipated retail price of $1,499.

With its advanced floor washing system, compact design, automated maintenance, and intelligent navigation, the eufy Robot Vacuum Omni S1 Pro aims to set a new standard for robotic vacuums in the premium segment. Its global launch on Kickstarter allows early adopters to be among the first to experience this cutting-edge smart home cleaning solution.

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