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Following on from last week’s post about the ALLPOWERS S700 portable power station. You can also get 20% off the next model up.

As usual for ALLPOWERS, they are the most cost-efficient option on the market.

This is the ALLPOWERS S1500 which has a large capacity of 1092Wh with a 1500W output. Weighing in at 10kg, which is not exactly light, but it is still a couple of kilos lighter than competing products.

This is a good solution for emergency backup or for anyone that spends a lot of time off-grid. The 1500W output capacity is enough to drive some higher power appliances like some air fryers and the lower powered kettles. It also has two bright LED lights, which will be useful for camping environments.

Similar to the other ALLPOWERS portable power stations, this has pass through charging, allowing you to use the power station while charging it. This also means that you can use it as a basic UPS, which is ideal for medical devices such as CPAP machines.

ALLPOWERS S1500 Price and Discount Code

  • SAVE 20% with code: ZNJPF41BHK4E
  • Expires in April, 2023
  • Was: £1,499 RRP then £1,099.99 with the on-page discount
  • Discount Price: £880 with the 20% discount applied

This will ship with either US/UK/EU/CA/AU plug sockets – depending on your region.

Based on the £880 price, this is about £200 cheaper than most competing established brands.

Amazon UK currently has this at £1000, which is the lowest price ever on Amazon, but it’s still much cheaper to buy direct. ALLPOWERS ship the power stations for free with an expected 3-5 day delivery time.

ALLPOWERS S1500 Power Station Features

Battery Chemistry / Capacity / Output

The ALLPOWERS S1500 is a mid-sized power station with a generous 1092Wh capacity, and it has a 1500W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 3000W surge.

Similar to the other ALLPOWERS portable power stations, this appears to use lithium NMC batteries, but you get an impressive 1,000+ life cycles before you hit 80% capacity.

Outlets / AC / USB

Being a large power station than the S700, the S1500 has superior outlet options.

You have four AC sockets which can go up to 1500W and peak power of 3000W

You get the same single USB-C port, and this can do the same 100W output, but the input power has been improved to 100W vs 60W of the S700.

You also have the same three USB-A outputs, which can do 5V2.4A (18W).

The two DC output ports have a slightly higher capacity of 13v and 5.5A.

The car socket appears to be slightly better with 12V / 24V 10.5A.

Charging / Input / Solar

ALLPOWERS S1500 Portable Power

The ALLPOWERS S1500 has an external power supply, and the power station can accept up to 300W input via mains.

It can then accept up to 300W via solar using the Anderson-style input and it will also accept up to 100W USB-C power delivery.

Using just the AC mains input, you should be able to charge the power station in 3 to 4 hours. In theory, you could also charge via solar at this speed, but you would need a massive solar panel or array of panels to produce 300W consistently.

You can boost the charge speed with USB for a total of 400W input, taking the charge time down to 2h-3h.


You can also pair the power station up with you’re the ALLPOWERS app to get some stats and change settings. The power station supports both Bluetooth and WiFi.

Within the app, you will get feedback on the current capacity, input and output power, expected discharge/charge time and what ports are in use.

ALLPOWERS S1500 Specification

As you’d expect, this is much larger than the S700, weighing almost twice as much.

ALLPOWERS S1500 Portable Power Station
Battery Capacity1092Wh,295200mAh
Rated Power1500W, Peak Power 3000W
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
AC Output x 4AC 1500W 110V / 60Hz
USB-A Output x 35V2.4A
USB-C Output x15V5A/9V5A/12V5A/15V5A/20V5A (PD 100W Max)
Car Output x112V / 24V 10.5A
AC Input300W max.
Solar Input300W max.
USB-C Input100W max.

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