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Huawei has officially released the Huawei Watch GT 4, the latest instalment in their flagship GT series. This new device aims to push the boundaries of wearable technology, with an enhanced focus on health, fitness, and style. Let’s dive into the specifics.

Elevated Design: Octagonal and Pendant Choices

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Huawei’s Watch GT 4 takes a different approach in its design ethos, offering a blend of technology and style under its ‘Fashion Forward’ initiative. The watch is available in two distinct variations: a 46mm model featuring an Octagonal bezel, and a 41mm model with a sleek Pendant design. Both designs showcase Huawei’s commitment to fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary trends, meeting the aesthetic demands of a varied consumer base.

The GT 4 comes in an impressive range of eight colourways. From the rugged and dynamic Rainforest Green GMT and Black Rubber Strap in the 46mm range, to the more refined Two-tone Piano Key Bracelet and Milanese Bracelet in the 41mm offering, the choice is extensive. The watches even offer 25,000+ watch face options, allowing users to tailor the device to their personal style.

Rethinking Active Health Management

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Huawei’s research and development in health technology are evident in the new TruSeen™ 5.5+ health indicator. The technology promises 30% more accurate readings of heart health, a significant advantage, particularly during dynamic activities such as running or rope-skipping.

The upgraded TruSleep™ 3.0 feature offers a deep dive into users’ sleep cycles, incorporating a Sleep Breathing Awareness function to monitor breathing irregularities during sleep. This potentially life-saving feature is an added layer in the pursuit of better respiratory health.

In a first for the GT series, Menstrual Cycle Management 3.0 provides intelligent analytics, which predict menstrual periods by monitoring various physiological indicators like heart rate during sleep and body temperature. This feature could be particularly beneficial for those with irregular cycles, offering timely insights for lifestyle adjustments.

Fitness Evolved: Activity Rings, Stay Fit App, and More

In the fitness department, the Watch GT 4 aims to offer an all-encompassing experience. The improved Activity Rings feature provides at-a-glance statistics for daily activities such as calories burnt, exercise duration, and time spent standing. A new medal system has been integrated to award users upon reaching new fitness milestones.

The watch also debuts the Stay Fit app, Huawei’s first caloric management app for a smartwatch. Stay Fit uses real-time health data to offer more targeted recommendations for calorie intake, contributing to more effective weight management. On top of this, Huawei introduces an upgraded dual-band five-system high-precision GNSS for better positioning accuracy, making this watch an ideal companion for outdoor expeditions and urban running.

A Smart Lifestyle Companion with an Impressive Battery Life

The Huawei Watch GT 4 is designed to be a constant, reliable companion. Features like a brand-new launcher, quick messaging and replies, and third-party application integration make it a practical device for day-to-day activities. Importantly, the watch claims to offer up to two weeks of battery life, which sets it ahead of many of its competitors in terms of longevity.

Moreover, the watch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring broad accessibility while maintaining a strong focus on data privacy and protection.

Availability and Pricing

The Huawei Watch GT 4 is set to go on sale in the UK & Europe from 4th October, available through Huawei’s official online store and selected retailers, including Amazon, Argos, Boots, and Currys. Pre-orders are available from 14th September. Pricing starts at GBP 229.99 for the 46mm Black Rubber model, going up to GBP 349.99 for the premium 41mm Two-Tone Piano Key variant.

For early adopters, Huawei is offering a pair of Huawei FreeBuds SE 2 free of charge for purchases made by 15th October from their official store.

In summary, the Huawei Watch GT 4 presents a robust package for those looking to upgrade their smartwatch experience, offering a blend of design, health, and lifestyle features. It remains to be seen how these additions will measure up in real-world usage, but for now, the GT 4 seems poised to make an impact in the ever-growing smartwatch market.

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