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I have previously reviewed the excellent ALLPOWERS S300, which is one of the most affordable small-capacity portable power stations on the market.

ALLPOWERS are consistently the best brand to go for if you want the best value for money. Almost all their portable power stations undercut competing brands for the capacity you get.

Throughout April, ALLPOWERS will have 20% discount vouchers available for several of their best portable power stations. The first up is the S700 which has more than double the capacity of the S300 I previously reviewed while still being relatively small and affordable.

This is an ideal size for a wide range of uses. It is small enough to take in your car when you go travelling and is perfect for camping or for van/motorhome/boat living. I used a similar capacity power station when on my mothers’ canal boat, and it was excellent for keeping my portable car fridge running as well as my laptop and all our phones.

This will also work well as a basic UPS, and portable power stations are often used for things like CPAP machines to make sure they continue running in the event of power failure. This also has more than enough capacity and output power to be used as a UPS for a home office.

ALLPOWERS S700 Price and Discount Code

  • SAVE 20% with code: QYK4FHBJCSH3
  • Expires in April, 2023
  • Was: $800 USD
  • Discount Price: $640

While the prices are in USD, ALLPOWERS ships worldwide, and you will be provided with a power station for your correct region.

This will ship with either US/UK/EU/CA/AU plug sockets – depending on your region.

The above prices work out as:

  • £650 RRP
  • £520 with 20% discount
  • Exchange rate calculated on 29th of March

ALLPOWERS S700 Portable Power Station Features


Battery Chemistry / Capacity / Output

The ALLPOWERS S700 is the next model up from the one I reviewed. This has a large 606Wh capacity which can output 700W with a surge capacity of 1400W.

This doesn’t appear to use a LiFePO4 battery, but that’s to be expected at this price point. It is, however, rated for more cycles than competing brands that use lithium NMC batteries with 1000+ life cycles, and this is backed up with 10 years covering short-circuit / over-voltage / overload / overheating.

Outlets / AC / USB

You get two AC outlets which are 110V/60Hz for the US and 230v/50Hz for the UK (it can actually do both voltages, but the AC outlet socket will obviously be different for the different regions).

For USB, you get a single USB-C port which is capable of 100W power delivery output then an additional three USB-A ports which can do 5V3A (18W).

There are two DC output ports which can do 12V/5A and a car socket outlet which can do 12-13.6V/10A.

Charging / Input / Solar

For charging, the ALLPOWERS S700 can be charged via AC, USB, 12V/24V car outlet and solar.

The AC input is 100W, the USB-C is 60W, and the solar is up to 100W.

To fully charge the power station from a wall outlet, it will take you 6 hours. For USB, this is 10 hours, and car charging is 12 hours. In theory, you could charge via solar in 6 hours if you consistently achieved 100W solar input.

You can combine charging methods, and you could hit 80% in under 1.5 hrs (fully in 3 hours) with an AC wall outlet and PD 60W USB-C simultaneously.

For the solar input, this uses an Anderson port rather than a proprietor port, like some brands use. This gives you the flexibility to use most portable solar panels, and ALLPOWERS has options going from 60W up to 400W. While this can only take 100W input, you could have a higher-rated solar panel to make sure you get as close to 100W as possible.


You can also pair the power station up with you’re the ALLPOWERS app to get some stats and change settings. The power station supports both Bluetooth and WiFi.

Within the app, you will get feedback on the current capacity, input and output power, expected discharge/charge time and what ports are in use.

ALLPOWERS S700 Specification

Battery Capacity606Wh/164000mAh
Rated Power700W, Peak Power 1400W
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
AC Wall Outlet Input110v/60Hz
Solar Charger Input12.7V-24V/5.0A (Max.)
USB-C InputPD 60W (max.)
Car Charger Input12V-24V/ 5A (max.)
2* AC Output110V/60Hz
3* USB Output5V3A (Max.)
1* USB-C OutputPD 100W (max.)
2* DC Output12V/5A (Max.)
1* Car Output Port12-13.6V/10A(Max.)
Size10.4 x 5.5 x 7 inch

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