Yeedi C12 Pro Plus Robot Vacuum Review Including Bagless Self Empty Station

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The Yeedi C12 Pro Plus Robot Vacuum is a recent addition to the expanding market of robot vacuums. This model is designed to simplify household cleaning tasks with advanced features such as bagless self-emptying, high suction power, and combined vacuuming and mopping capabilities.

While this robot vacuum has many advanced features, it was launched at an affordable price of just $499.

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No UK availability

Unfortunately, Yeedi is very limited in availability in the UK. The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro is available, but there are no other options, and no robot vacuums with an auto-empty station. This includes the Yeedi C12 Pro Plus, which I am reviewing today.


FeatureYeedi C12 Pro Plus
Automatic Mop CleaningNo
Warm Water Mop CleaningNo
Mopping Area Based on Water Tank Capacity254 m²
Low Water Level AlertNo
Hot Air DryNo
Self-emptying Capacity1.5 L
Self-emptying Capacity Duration45 days
Cleaning ModeVacuum, Vacuum and mop
Mop Moisture AdjustmentYes
Dust Box Capacity0.4 L
Dust Box FilterYes
Washable FilterYes
Filter LevelF9
Main Brush TypeFloating Brush
Tangle DetectionYes
Ultrasonic Carpet DetectionYes
Pressure BoostYes
Water Tank Capacity220 ml
Mopping TypeOZMO Pro 2.0
Navigation TypeLDS
Obstacle AvoidanceYes
Noise – Standard Mode (Sweep)65 dBA
Noise – Standard Mode (Sweep & Mop)65 dBA
Vacuum Level8000 Pa
Dust Collection Noise82 dBA
Battery TypeLi-on
Battery Capacity5200 mAh
Number of Cells1
Working Time on Hard Floor – Silent Mode300 min
Working Time on Hard Floor – Standard Mode (Sweep)190 min
Working Time on Hard Floor – Standard Mode (Sweep & Mop)170 min
ROBOT Rated Power45 W
ROBOT Working Voltage14.8 V
ROBOT Rated Input20V 1A
Station Rated Input120 V ~ 50-60 Hz
Station Rated Output20V 1A
Robot Dimensions (W x D x H)353 x 351 x 96 mm
Station Dimensions (W x D x H)356 x 451 x 380 mm
ROBOT Net Weight8.7kg


  • Bagless Self-Empty Station: One of the standout features of the Yeedi C12 Pro Plus is its bagless self-empty station. It boasts a capacity to store dust for up to seven weeks, reducing the frequency of manual emptying and maintenance.
  • 8,000Pa Suction Power: The vacuum provides a powerful suction capability of 8,000 Pa, making it highly effective at picking up dirt, debris, and pet hair from both hard floors and carpets.
  • OZMO Pro 2.0 Mopping System: This system vibrates the mop at 480 times per minute with a downward pressure of 6N, enhancing its ability to clean stubborn stains.
  • ZeroTangle Technology: This innovative technology prevents hair from tangling around the brush, ensuring smooth and continuous cleaning performance. The V-shaped roller brush and dual comb teeth arrays work together to guide hair directly into the suction port.
  • TrueMapping Technology: The Yeedi C12 Pro Plus uses advanced mapping technology to create accurate floor maps in just eight minutes. This facilitates efficient cleaning paths and room-specific cleaning.
  • Long Battery Life: With a 5200 mAh battery, the vacuum can run for up to 300 minutes on a single charge in silent mode, making it suitable for large homes.


Yeedi C12 Pro Plus Robot Vacuum Unboxing 1

The Yeedi C12 Pro Plus comes well-packaged with all necessary components neatly arranged.

The C12 Pro Plus comes with:

  • The robot vacuum
  • Bagless auto-empty station
  • Charging base
  • 0.4L dustbin
  • 220ml water tank with mopping pad
  • Cleaning tool
  • Spare side brush and filter

Set Up and App

Setting up the C12 Pro Plus is straightforward using the Yeedi app. You need to create an account, then add the robot and follow the steps to connect it to Wi-Fi.

The app has all the controls and settings you need – power on/off, start/stop cleaning, suction power adjustment, water flow level, scheduling, cleaning history, and consumable status. You can also view the map, set no-go zones and invisible walls, and select specific rooms or areas to clean.

During the first clean, the robot will create a map of your home, which will then be saved for future use. The mapping process is reported to only take 8 minutes for 100m2. My ground floor is smaller than that but broken into multiple rooms. It definitely took longer than 8 minutes but the mapping process was very fast.

Mapping Performance & Obstacle Avoidance

The C12 Pro Plus uses LDS laser navigation to map your home and plan efficient cleaning routes. In my testing, it reliably covered the entire space and rarely missed spots. You can view the map in the app and tell the robot to clean specific rooms or areas.

The robot also has obstacle avoidance sensors to prevent it from bumping into furniture and getting stuck. It slowed down and gently nudged objects like chair legs and dog bowls out of the way. The low 96mm height allows it to clean under most raised furniture and beds.

You can set up no-go zones and invisible walls in the app to keep the robot out of certain areas. I used this to block off the entrance to my office as I tend to be quite messy and inevitably have cables and review samples that are in use on my floor. The robot respected the boundaries and didn’t cross the virtual lines.

Vacuuming Performance & Suction Power

I tested the C12 Pro Plus on hard floors, low pile carpet and a medium pile rug with a variety of debris like flour, rice, cereal and pet hair.

On hard floors, the robot sucked up everything with ease using the standard suction setting. The floating main brush allows it to maintain contact with the floor. Even fine dust along the edges and in corners was cleaned thanks to the strong suction and side brush.

On the carpet, the C12 Pro Plus automatically increases suction to the maximum 8000Pa setting. This allows it to deep clean and extract embedded dirt and pet hair. After a single pass, my carpet looked visibly cleaner with distinct vacuum lines. The large wheels allow the robot to climb onto rugs up to 20mm thick.

I was impressed by how well the robot handled pet hair without tangling. My partner has long hair, and she sheds it constantly, but none of it has become wrapped around the brush. Yeedi’s ZeroTangle technology uses anti-static bristles and a dual-comb design to repel and remove hair.

Mopping Performance

The OZMO Pro 2.0 attachment vibrates 480 times per minute to scrub the floor with 6N of downward pressure.

In testing, it was able to remove dried on coffee stains, muddy paw prints and sticky drink spills from my hardwood and tile floors. The mopping pad covers a wide area and the 220ml water tank is enough to mop my kitchen and bathrooms twice over.

You can adjust the water flow level in the app, but I found the default medium setting worked well. The ultrasonic carpet sensor prevents the robot from mopping rugs and carpet.

The only downside is you have to manually fill the water tank and attach the mopping pad each time. Some other robot vacuums have an auto-mop washing and refilling station.

You can define no-mopping zones, but unlike more advanced robot vacuums such as the Hobot Legee D8, which do not have the capacity to raise the mopping pad. So my home, with a mixture of carpet and hard flooring, requires me to use one map for mopping the kitchen, then an additional map for the rest of the home. I also need to swap out the mopping attachment when I want it to do the carpets.

Bagless Auto Empty Station

A standout feature of the C12 Pro Plus is the bagless auto-empty station. Every time the robot docks, it automatically transfers the contents of the onboard dustbin into the 1.5L station.

Yeedi says the station can hold up to 45 days of debris, which is accurate based on my usage so far. I like that the collection bin is clear so you can easily see how full it is. When it’s time to empty, you just lift out the bin and dump the contents into the trash.

Not having to buy and replace vacuum bags saves money and reduces waste compared to robots that use disposable bags. The station has a washable filter to trap dust, and the emptying process is very clean and requires minimal exposure.

The auto-empty function is quite loud and lasts about 10 seconds. If you have the robot scheduled to clean while you’re out of the house, the noise won’t be an issue. But it could be disruptive if you’re at home trying to work or relax. You can define do not disturb times if you would prefer not to be distracted by the robot noise.

Maintenance and Recurring Costs

The C12 Pro Plus is relatively low maintenance since it self-empties the dustbin. You still need to periodically:

  • Empty the auto-empty station bin (every 30-45 days)
  • Clean the filter (every 2 weeks)
  • Clean the sensors and charging contacts (monthly)
  • Replace the side brush (every 3-6 months)
  • Replace the main brush (every 6-12 months)
  • Replace the filter (every 6-12 months)

Yeedi sells the main consumables you may need to keep the vacuum running optimally. This includes:

  • YEEDI 1L Cleaning Solution: $30
  • Washable Mopping Pad * 3PCS for C12 Family: $30
  • YEEDI Side Brush * 2 pcs: £14
  • YEEDI Anti-Tangle Main Brush * 1 pcs: $30
  • YEEDI Main Brush Cover: $16

Battery Life & Charging

The Yeedi C12 Pro Plus boasts an impressive battery life, capable of running up to 300 minutes on a single charge in silent mode. This is particularly useful for larger homes, allowing the vacuum to clean extensively without needing frequent recharges. The charging station efficiently recharges the vacuum, preparing it for the next cleaning session.

According to my cleaning logs, the robot only ever cleaned around 60 minutes at a time. I changed the suction to high by default and it was still able to complete a full clean without any problems.

Price and Alternative Options

The Yeedi C12 Pro Plus is only available in the US, and due to the nature of the auto-empty station, you can’t use it in the UK without a step-down transformer.

The RRP is $499, and at the time of writing, there was an early bird discount code for $150, but this will have expired by the time of publication.

As for alternative options, I have used Amazon US to find similar products as this is the market where the Yeedi C12 Pro Plus is sold:

  • Eureka E10s Robot Vacuum with Bagless Self-Emptying Station: Listed at $600 but with a $200 off coupon. It has a much lower suction power, though.
  • Shark AI Ultra Voice Control Robot Vacuum: This is available for just $300 and has a bagless self-empty station, but it does not appear to do mopping
  • Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum: Is available for $400. It lacks a mop and uses bags for the empty station
  • AIRROBO Robot Vacuum: Is listed at $500 with $150 off. I have reviewed this, and it is good, but it uses bags on the self-empty station.


The Yeedi C12 Pro Plus is an excellent robot vacuum and mop combo with premium features at a reasonable price. The powerful 8000Pa suction, OZMO Pro 2.0 vibrating mop, and ZeroTangle brush provide thorough cleaning performance on all surfaces. And the bagless auto-empty station adds a lot of convenience.

If you want a high-end robot vacuum with strong cleaning abilities and minimal maintenance, the C12 Pro Plus is a great option. The lack of availability in the UK is disappointing, but hopefully, Yeedi will expand to more markets soon. In the US, it’s a compelling alternative to more expensive auto-empty models from iRobot and Roborock.

Yeedi C12 Pro Plus Robot Vacuum Review


The Yeedi C12 Pro Plus is an excellent robot vacuum and mop combo with premium features at a reasonable price. The powerful 8000Pa suction, OZMO Pro 2.0 vibrating mop, and ZeroTangle brush provide thorough cleaning performance on all surfaces. And the bagless auto-empty station adds a lot of convenience.

  • Overall - 90%


  • Excellent cleaning performance thanks to high suction power
  • Bagless self-empty station
  • Doesn’t get tangled with hair as easily as other vacuums


  • No UK availability
  • Mopping functionality is basic compared to premium-priced alternative

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