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I have previously reviewed the superb XREAL Air 2 AR glasses, which I loved using last year on long-haul flights as an alternative to using my Pixel Tablet to watch movies.

At CES 2024, XREAL are now following this up with the XREAL Air 2 Ultra 6DoF AR glasses. These sleek new AR glasses aim to make spatial computing development more accessible and affordable.

Affordable 6DoF AR Glasses for Developers

Optic module

A key highlight of the Air 2 Ultra is its integration of six degrees of freedom (6DoF) capabilities enabled by a pair of built-in 3D environment sensors. This allows the glasses to map and understand the surrounding 3D space, enabling features like precise hand tracking without the need for external sensors.

Compared to expensive enterprise-focused products like the $3,500 Meta Quest Pro or $1,500 Apple Vision Pro, the $699 Air 2 Ultra offers developers an affordable entry point into building 6DoF experiences. XREAL is also offering a $100 discount to developers who previously purchased its Nreal Light AR glasses launched back in 2020.

Focus On Spatial Computing

At the core of the XREAL Air 2 Ultra is a focus on pushing forward spatial computing. The glasses include XREAL’s Nebula AR environment launcher and latest SDK, with tools tailored towards leveraging the new on-board sensors.

“With XREAL Air 2 Ultra we’re empowering developers around the world by providing an affordable and lightweight solution that allows them to jump into the exciting world of spatial computing and create the next generation of mixed reality experiences,” said XREAL CEO Chi Xu.

Premium Design and Display

XREAL Air 2 Ultra 5

The Air 2 Ultra stands out with a lightweight titanium frame weighing just 80 grams, making them comfortable for extended wear. They offer a crisp viewing experience with full HD resolution per eye and a wide 52° field of view.

XREAL is also debuting new concepts like its “Mirage Shard Tracking Kit”, which uses physical buttons to allow tactile interactions within AR experiences. This showcases innovative approaches to blending real and virtual worlds.

Expanding The AR Ecosystem

With affordable pricing and cross-platform compatibility spanning laptops, iOS and Android devices, the goal with the XREAL Air 2 Ultra is to significantly expand the addressable market for AR app development.

This strategy builds on the momentum of XREAL’s previous consumer-focused AR glasses like the original XREAL Air and Air 2 models which helped introduce the possibilities of AR to the mainstream public.

Now with beefed up 6DoF capabilities tailored for developers, the Air 2 Ultra aims to unleash a new wave of spatial computing innovation as developers get access to these capabilities at price points not seen before in the market.

The XREAL Air 2 Ultra AR glasses are available for pre-order now, with shipping expected to start in March 2024. The accompanying NRSDK 2.2 software development kit is built on Unity and enables enhanced environmental understanding and interactions to build next-generation AR experiences blending the digital and physical worlds.

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