Nvidia RTX 3050

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Pre-2020, the launch of a low-end GPU may not have drawn that much attention, but after two years of scarce stock, many buyers will be looking to pick up the new RTX 3050 so they can at least do some gaming.

Reviews indicate similar performance to GTX 1660 Ti

Reviews so far have been quite positive, and it can play most games with ultra presets (if you leave Ray Tracing off) either at 1080P or 1440p. It offers a similar performance to the GTX 1660 Ti / GTX 1070. However, it doesn’t beat the RTX 2060.

Limited Stock

There have been reports that there will be hundreds, not thousands of these GPUs available at UK stores immediately. It is quite likely thousands won’t be anywhere near enough so you can expect the GPUs to sell out fast.

What time will the RTX 3050 be available to buy in the UK?

It was reported that RTX 3050 reviews will be posted on January 26th at 6 a.m. Pacific, exactly 24 hours before the card officially goes on sale.

That time converts to 11am GMT. Previously cards have launched around 2pm and it is quite likely this is the time that they will launch.

Where to buy the Nvidia RTX 3050?

With previous launches, some companies would put up the product pages prior to the launch, but it looks like no one has done this for this launch. This is possibly something that was demanded by Nvidia.

The usual websites will list the graphics cards:

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