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TP-Link is unveiling a range of new products across its Tapo smart home brand at CES 2024 this week. With a focus on whole-home solutions, TP-Link is launching devices for security, access control, cleaning, lighting, energy monitoring and automation.

Centralised control with the Tapo Smart HomeBase

Tapo Smart HomeBase H500 hub 2

At the centre of TP-Link’s new product lineup is the Tapo Smart HomeBase H500 hub. Designed to be the control centre for the entire Tapo ecosystem, the HomeBase eliminates the need for multiple hubs. It serves as the connectivity hub, storage centre, and unified control for all Tapo devices.

The Smart HomeBase features native support for Matter, the new smart home interoperability standard. This allows Tapo devices to interact with products from other brands. The hub also works with ONVIF cameras for flexible system expansion.

Advanced imaging and AI lead expanded security range

Tapo C428 security camera kit

TP-Link is heavily expanding its Tapo security and monitoring portfolio, with a focus on high-resolution imaging and AI-powered features.

The flagship Tapo C428 security camera kit utilises TP-Link’s proprietary ColorProTM Night Vision technology. This allows for full-colour imaging in ultra low-light scenes, with high saturation and low noise. The C428 also captures 2K QHD video and comes bundled with a solar panel for continuous charging.

Other new cameras include the C620 pan/tilt model with 360° tracking, the C720 garage cam with a 2800-lumen adjustable floodlight, the versatile C120 for indoors or out, and the multi-purpose C125. AI capabilities like person, vehicle and pet detection are standard, with more advanced models offering baby monitors and facial recognition.

Smart locks and doorbells for all-in-one access control

TP-Link is expanding its access control system with the launch of three new video doorbells. The flagship D235 model captures 2K video with a 180° field of view, 10,000 mAh battery and colour night mode. The D210 is a lower cost option still with 2K/160° FoV imaging.

Also new is the D130, an integrated smart lock and 2K HDR video doorbell. With seven unlock methods including fingerprint ID and facial recognition, it provides a comprehensive security solution.

Automated cleaning with advanced navigation

Two new robot vacuums are being launched under the Tapo brand. The RV30 Plus uses LiDAR mapping for precision cleaning. With 4200 Pa suction power, it can vacuum, sweep and mop in one go.

The RV20 Plus is an ultra-slim model standing just 3.1 inches tall. It uses MagSlimTM LiDAR technology to reach under low furniture. Dual side brushes provide edge-to-edge cleaning.

Energy monitoring, lighting and sensors add convenience

Rounding out TP-Link’s CES launches are new Tapo devices for energy management, lighting and home automation.

The P400 smart outdoor plug brings outdoor devices into automation routines. The P135 lamp dimmer kit and P125M smart plug help reduce energy usage. New sensors like the T100 motion detector and T110 contact sensor allow for sophisticated automations tailored to usage patterns.

TP-Link’s smart lighting range now includes Matter support. The L535E is a new universal smart bulb, while the L930-5 light strip offers customisable colour effects.

An ecosystem built around flexibility and open standards

While TP-Link continues to expand its portfolio of Tapo-branded devices, the company’s focus remains on interoperability. With Matter support backed into new products, and integration with third-party devices like ONVIF cameras, the goal is a flexible system.

Rather than lock users into a closed ecosystem, TP-Link allows mixing and matching devices from any brand. Support for open standards ensures compatibility into the future, while advanced technologies like AI computer vision provide differentiation.

Attendees visiting the TP-Link booth at CES can experience the new products first-hand. With solutions ranging from security to entertainment to cleaning, TP-Link is aiming to be a one-stop shop for whole-home automation.

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