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At CES 2024 this week, Jabra unveiled several new feature updates for two of its latest flagship wireless earbuds – the Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 models. The updates are set to roll out in two phases over the coming months and will significantly improve the functionality, audio quality and usability of these already impressive devices.

Enhanced Interactivity and Personalization

The first round of updates, arriving in January 2024, focuses on enhanced personalization and ease of use. Users will be able to easily toggle noise cancellation features like Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and HearThrough on or off via their smartphones. There will also be new voice tone prompts to make interacting with the earbuds more seamless.

Additionally, Jabra is adding the ability to customize the name of your earbuds on the Bluetooth menu. This allows users to easily identify their own earbuds from the list when connecting.

Improved Call Quality and Noise Reduction

Jabra Elite 10

The second update coming in March 2024 will improve call quality, especially in noisy environments. Jabra is implementing new noise suppression algorithms that can detect background noises like voices in a busy office or restaurant and filter them out. This should enable clearer, uninterrupted calling.

There will also be upgrades to the wind noise reduction when using ANC and HearThrough modes outdoors on the Elite 8 Active model.

Hassle-Free Updates at No Cost

Both updates will be provided free of charge via over-the-air software updates. Users simply need to connect to the Jabra Sound+ app to install the latest firmware. This means that both new and existing owners can benefit from these cutting-edge additions.

The Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 earbuds only launched in 2023, so it is great to see Jabra pushing the boundaries further with meaningful updates less than a year later.

Jabra’s Commitment to Innovation

In a statement, Ehtisham Rabbani, Jabra’s Head of Consumer Products, reiterated that “our commitment to our customers is unwavering. We actively listen to market feedback, which fuels our drive to continuously enhance user experiences.”

He added that Jabra aims to “deliver ongoing improvements throughout the lifespan of our products, so that our users always experience the best of Jabra.”

This focus on constant innovation and meaningful updates even post-launch helps make Jabra a standout in the wireless audio space. With sound quality, comfort and battery life already top-notch on models like the Elite 7 Active, bonus features like these could help give Jabra the edge over rivals.

We look forward to going hands-on with these updates soon and expect that they will make an already great product even more versatile and user-friendly.

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