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EcoFlow, a leading portable power and renewable energy solutions company, unveiled its most powerful home battery system, the DELTA Pro Ultra, at CES 2024 this week. The system aims to provide whole-home backup and maximise self-consumption of solar energy through intelligent controls.

Overview of the DELTA Pro Ultra System

DELTA Pro Ultra Top Features

The DELTA Pro Ultra is designed as a flexible and scalable home battery solution to meet a wide range of needs. Key features include:

  • Single unit capacity of 6kWh, expandable to 90kWh
  • 7.2kW output from one unit, scalable to 21.6kW
  • Compatible with solar, grid, and generator charging
  • Seamless integration with home electrical system
  • Intelligent controls for energy optimisation

With ample capacity from a single unit, the DELTA Pro Ultra can provide essential backup for outages. Its high output can handle heavy loads like central AC units. The system is also designed for daily use to maximise solar self-consumption and reduce grid dependence.

Flexible, Modular Design

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Living Room 1 DPUSHP2 1

A key advantage of the DELTA Pro Ultra is its flexible and modular architecture. Additional battery units can be stacked to expand capacity from 6kWh up to 90kWh. This modular approach allows users to start small and add more capacity as needs grow.

The output can also be scaled up by connecting multiple units. A single DELTA Pro Ultra provides 7.2kW, enough for most homes. But the output can be expanded to 21.6kW by adding more units, providing ample power for larger households.

The system is compatible with solar, grid, and generator charging. It has a high solar input capacity of 5.6kW per unit. The DELTA Pro Ultra can integrate both rooftop and ground solar arrays. Support for various energy sources makes the system highly resilient and flexible.

Seamless Grid Integration

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Washing Room DPUSHP2PowerInsight

The DELTA Pro Ultra is designed for seamless integration with the home electrical system. EcoFlow’s new Smart Home Panel 2 enables automatic transition from grid to battery backup in under 20 milliseconds. This means home electronics remain unaffected during outages.

The Smart Home Panel also allows control and monitoring of individual circuits and appliances. Users can see real-time and historical usage data through the EcoFlow app. The system can also intelligently schedule EV, pool pump or HVAC operation to minimise energy costs.

Cutting-Edge Battery Technology

The DELTA Pro Ultra utilises Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry in conjunction with EcoFlow’s proprietary battery management system. This combination offers excellent performance, safety and long 10+ year lifespan.

The built-in X-Boost inverter provides 7200W of surge power to handle high startup loads. The system also features EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream technology for fast recharging. It can charge from 0 to 80% capacity in just one hour.

Convenient Installation

Despite its advanced functionality, the DELTA Pro Ultra is designed for easy installation. For basic backup needs, only a grid connection and transfer switch are required. For whole-home backup and optimisation, the Smart Home Panel 2 enables rapid integration with the home electrical system.

According to EcoFlow, any qualified electrician can install the Smart Home Panel in about half a day, similar to adding a subpanel. This simplicity makes whole-home energy security accessible to more households.

Intelligent Software and Controls

The DELTA Pro Ultra system is managed through EcoFlow’s comprehensive app. This provides users with real-time status monitoring, usage insights, and automation capabilities.

Key software features include:

Real-time Control and Monitoring

  • See live battery capacity, solar production, grid/generator power draw
  • Control and schedule individual circuits and appliances
  • Get notifications of system status changes

Advanced Usage Analytics

  • Historical data on energy usage and self-consumption
  • See how much power is used by each appliance
  • Estimate monthly energy bills based on usage

Automation for Energy Optimisation

  • Intelligently schedule EV charging, HVAC, pool pumps for lowest rates
  • Prioritise solar consumption to maximise self-supply
  • Automatically adjust battery/grid power mix based on time-of-use rates

Enhanced Reliability in Outages

  • Uninterrupted 20ms transfer to battery backup
  • Automatic generator start based on battery level
  • Weather monitoring to prepare for storms

These smart features provide unprecedented visibility into home energy use. Users can identify high-demand devices and shift usage to cheaper rate periods. Automations can optimise solar utilisation and battery versus grid dependence. This intelligence helps reduce energy costs while maintaining reliability.

Future-Proof and Expandable Platform

EcoFlow positions the DELTA Pro Ultra as part of an evolving smart home ecosystem. The modular architecture and common communication protocols allow the system to integrate both first-party and third-party products over time.

As an example, users will eventually be able to incorporate EV chargers, smart appliances, and home automation devices into the DELTA Pro Ultra platform. This will enable even more ways to optimise and manage home energy consumption.

EcoFlow also plans to add support for time-of-use rates and virtual power plants through the app. This will allow users to participate in utility demand response programs to further lower costs.

The DELTA Pro Ultra aims to provide not just backup power, but an intelligent energy hub for the home of the future.

Availability and Pricing

The DELTA Pro Ultra system is available for pre-order on EcoFlow’s website and Amazon starting January 9th. The base unit with 6kWh capacity retails for $4999. The Smart Home Panel 2 is priced at $1599.

For a limited time, EcoFlow is offering a bundled price of $6399 for both the battery and Smart Home Panel. This discounted package represents over $1000 in savings compared to individual pricing.

While still a significant investment, the DELTA Pro Ultra offers unmatched capabilities for whole-home energy security and optimisation. For homeowners with frequent outages or high energy costs, the system can provide major benefits.

EcoFlow also offers financing options to reduce upfront cost. Installation may also be eligible for local solar/storage rebates and tax credits in certain regions. Interested buyers should consult EcoFlow and local utilities for the latest incentives.


With climate change driving extreme weather and vulnerabilities of ageing electrical infrastructure, the need for home energy resilience continues to grow. EcoFlow built the DELTA Pro Ultra to provide comprehensive backup capabilities with advanced smart features.

The system aims to give homeowners unparalleled control over their energy use, while maximising solar self-consumption. It also future-proofs the home for deeper smart technology integration. Despite its sophistication, EcoFlow designed the DELTA Pro Ultra for accessible whole-home installation.

While promising, the system’s high price point may limit adoption to more affluent buyers, at least initially. However, as extreme weather risks rise and solar/storage costs keep declining, systems like the DELTA Pro Ultra may become a standard part of homes in coming years. For those seeking energy independence today, EcoFlow’s newest innovation looks to set the bar for intelligent battery systems.

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