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The Toshiba TransMemory U365 is the latest high capacity USB drive from Toshiba with capacities ranging from 32GB up to 256GB that uses USB 3.0 with a claimed max speed read of 150MB/s

The drive uses 3D Flash memory BiCS FLASH which allows them to achieve larger storage capacities. It comes in a plastic housing which feels a little on the cheap side, but the USB section slides back into the shell to provide some protection when transporting it.

You get a healthy 5-year warranty in the event the drive fails for whatever reason.

There is no built-in loop like on some competing models but there is a small hole to thread string/cable through if you need to attach it to your keys. The useable storage is 116GB according to Windows, this is due to the way Windows counts space, and you will find all drives get their storage under-reported.

At the moment there doesn’t appear to be many people selling the device, but one listing suggests the 128GB model is around 35 Euros making it around £30. In comparison, the Sandisk Ultra Flair which is rated at the same speed is £28 on Amazon, but this is after a reduction by Amazon. I would hope once on Amazon they will be about the same price.

In terms of performance, the drive does better than advertised by some margin. On the 2 CrystalDiskMark tests, I ran the read speeds stayed well about 215MB/s though write speeds are considerably lower at around 46MB/s. Random small file transfer drops dramatically, read speeds are OK, but write are quite poor, this is standard for USB drives though.


With the growing trend of ultra-portable laptops that have small un-removable hard drives a USB drive like this is a great investment. Most laptops of these laptops come with memory starting at 64GB MMC up to 256GB so with this drive you can easily and effectively double your storage options.

In most cases, when you need so much storage, it is for media such as movies, and this is where this drive excels, with read speeds well over 200MB/s this will comfortably play even the largest of movie files smoothly. Write speeds are slower, but a 4GB movie file will transfer over in less than 90-seconds.

While the drive performs better than advertised, the most crucial factor will be pricing. If it is £10+ than competing models, then it isn’t that good, but if it is around the same price, then it is a fantastic option.

Toshiba TransMemory U365 128GB Review
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Product Name: Toshiba TransMemory U365 128GB

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  • Speed - 95%
  • Price - 75%

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