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Bitcoins are the first, most popular, and arguably most well-established digital currency. If you want to get started with bitcoin trading, go to

 As a grassroots movement that has gained widespread acceptance due to its rapid and secure payment methods, Bitcoin is more than just a shiny new form of currency. Its potential applications have reached far beyond payments in recent years — from facilitating remittances to acting as an investment asset.

With BTC’s many benefits becoming more apparent, it would seem that now is the time for companies to take notice and test this new option on their terms. These six businesses are taking that chance with gusto. Here is a list of eight top businesses that accept bitcoin as a payment method for their products. It includes Amazon, Virgin Galactic,, Microsoft Store online store, Expedia’s travel website, and Dell’s Alienware brand in select countries.

1. Microsoft:

Microsoft has adopted BTC into its marketplace and plans to expand its Bitcoin support beyond Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox stores soon. You can use Bitcoins at Microsoft for anything you want — you can even buy apps for your mobile devices! Of course, there are limitations: no gift cards or non-purchase items have been accepted as of yet. It’s a start! And for those hackers, Microsoft does not support Bitcoin mining either. In addition to the US, Microsoft is now accepting bitcoin as a payment method in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

2. Amazon:

The largest e-commerce platform in the world has finally joined the Bitcoin revolution. Amazon is looking to solve many customer service problems by allowing customers to pay quickly and securely with BTC. The company is also interested in utilizing Bitcoins as an alternative to credit cards for international payments. Amazon accepts BTC at a rate of 1% without any discount or fees, which should theoretically increase in the future. Furthermore, since Amazon is so massive, it may soon jump into other areas like e-books and video streaming.

3. Overstock:

Overstock was one of the first companies to accept bitcoin as a payment method in January of 2014. Overstock’s CEO has even stated that he believes that bitcoins will eventually replace the US dollar.

4. Virgin:

SirRichardBranson, the owner and founder of Virgin Galactic, announced that he is “very interested” in Bitcoin after interviewing with Bloomberg TV in early October 2015. Branson says Bitcoin is a “revolutionary” currency and thinks Virgin Galactic will eventually use it for space flights.

5. Wikipedia:

The third-largest website in the world accepts bitcoin, which is being used to fund its operations. Wikipedia was not founded solely on bitcoin, but its adoption will likely push many people into the Bitcoin economy.

6. Dell:

Dell Inc., the second largest PC Company in the world, has also decided to take bitcoins on board. The company will accept BTC at their online stores and in-store registers across their significant markets via third-party payment processor Pay mill. Dell’s interest in Bitcoin goes beyond just bitcoins themselves: they are looking into ways to minimize their risk and protect their end users from potential fraud or security vulnerabilities while using BTC as a payment option.

7. Paypal:

PayPal, with more than 200 million customers and a valuation of over $45 billion, is an exciting choice for businesses looking to accept Bitcoin. But unfortunately, the company has been the subject of so many controversies and mishaps that it appears to be falling out of favor with consumers.

 However, it does have its advantages — and when you have over 200 million customers, there must be something in their online payment options that makes people choose it over other options. According to some onlookers, the old PayPal remains very much alive and well — the new one seems to be slowly losing its identity and slowly transforming into something else altogether.

8. Starbucks:

It seems that renowned coffee retailer Starbucks is also interested in participating in the Bitcoin revolution. The company is setting up an office in Amsterdam to explore the possible benefits of accepting BTC as a payment method. The main reason for this move seems to be that the company wants to attract younger, more tech-savvy customers. The recent addition of bitcoin in the Starbucks official application depicts bitcoin’s adoption in multinational companies. 

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