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Countries with High Cryptocurrency Adoption Rate

As the term implies, cryptocurrency adoption is the stage at which crypto assets are part of the norm—being used in everyday transactions and money transfers. For many enthusiasts, cryptocurrency adoption has been the goal, ever since people started to buy bitcoin for investment purposes. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts dream of adoption in the hopes that the rest of the world will finally see the benefits of cryptocurrencies over traditional fiat currencies. Barriers to cryptocurrency adoption Unfortunately, there have been many barriers that have blocked cryptos from achieving that goal, mainly:  Volatility Cryptocurrencies are notorious for being volatile, meaning that their prices...

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How to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

There are several methods to do it, like everything, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Cryptocurrency market (exchange) This method is very similar to trading on the stock exchange. When you trade with shares in the stock market you do it through “Brokers”, with cryptocurrencies you do it through “Exchanges” (same but different concept “matter” of trade). It consists of buying cryptocurrencies and waiting for them to rise in price in order to sell them. To make a profit under this model, we must have extensive control of our emotions, and be alert to currency fluctuations; buy low and sell high. It is not...

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The Biggest Cryptocurrency Trends in 2020

When cryptocurrency shot to our attention with the launch of bitcoin in 2009, it was met with a mixed reception. Some people believed that it was the finance of the future. Others thought that it was just a fad – a digital unicorn for those with more money than sense. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, there’s no doubt that cryptocurrency – bit by bit(coin) – is edging closer to the mainstream. Although still far from conventional, virtual currencies are becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst speculative investors. In fact, a study by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative...

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Bitcoin vs Libra – What’s the difference? Will Facebooks Libra succeed & can you earn money from it?

Since the Bitcoin bubble in 2017 where the value of Bitcoin hit £15,679.38, there has been an influx of new cryptocurrencies all hoping to be the next big success and each with its own unique spin on the new industry. Similarly, anyone vaguely familiar with the success of Bitcoin is always wondering what is the next big thing and what to invest in. In general, it is a lottery. As of 19 August 2018 there were over 1600 and growing most of these are destined to paid with trading prices at a fraction of a penny and a market...

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How to Secure Your Portable Devices

Nowadays, we do everything on our portable devices. We scroll through social media, work, stream content, and more. Our tablets, phones, and laptops contain our personal information. That’s why it’s more important than ever to learn how to protect them. Fortunately, securing portable devices is easy. Follow these steps, and you will know how to do it in no time. 1. Lock Your Devices With Biometric Security Features Although the majority of cyberattacks happen online, you never know when your device might fall into the wrong hands. In a few moments, somebody can gain access to your most sensitive...

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Is Bitcoin a good investment and are there any other good cryptocurrencies?

Like many people vaguely familiar with cryptocurrency I regret not buying Bitcoin pre-2017. I still remember the day it broke £1000 and thought the momentum would never continue only to be increasingly depressed until it peaked at £15,679.38 in December that year. On the flip side, I wasn’t one of those people that mortgaged my property as it was booming only to have Bitcoin crash down to below £5k by February. Since then, Bitcoin hasn’t dominated the news quite as much. Many people speculated that it would become a functional currency that can be used to pay for products...

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How Blockchain Transforms Digital Technology

Every few years a new set of tech terms get bashed around bars and cafes where the digital-savvy hang out. It was once Web 3.0, email marketing and programming. Fast-forward to today and it is all about big data, coding and the latest kid to kick it with the tech bunch, blockchain technology. Blockchain technology was developed for the purpose of Bitcoin, enabling peer-to-peer payments that were faster, safer and less costly with the help of licensed brands such as the Luno and their Bitcoin wallet. Yet, blockchains have found themselves in many other areas, helping to solve industry-long...

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4 Best Bitcoin Apps for 2019

Bitcoin is the first kind of money which has benefits of both electronic as well as physical money. Just like electronic money you can easily transact from anywhere to everywhere in the world through the internet. Unlike physical money you have no concern with the 3rd party to confirm your transactions. Bitcoin trading is the best way to trade without giving your data and maintaining your privacy. Even it is economical unbelievable but due to this international payments are easier and cheap because they are not tied to any of the country or state. Let's see further advancement in...

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