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Data is any information stored in your computer or external HD that enables you to access it as and when required.

It may be in the form of:

  • Photo – JPEG, PNG, PDF.
  • Music – WAV, MP3, AIFF.
  • Video – MOV, MP4, AVI.
  • Documents/Files – FAT16, FAT32, APFS, NTFS.
  • E-Mail – MBOX.

Although, Apple is known to be very safe, recently, a vulnerability was found in the APFS (Apple File Systems), threatening the security of the files in Mac OS. Moreover, sudden data loss would end up consuming most part of your day due to disruption of everyday activities.

So, read on to know about the best data recovery for Mac that can even recover formatted SD card.

Reasons you may need to Recover Data:

There are ample reasons wherein you may end up losing important data from your SD card or Hard Disk, Computer etc. Here is a list of some common reasons of data loss from Mac:

  • Error by Human:

Unknowingly deleting or formatting the data and failing to back up the data may erase all the data stored by the user.

  • Virus Attack/Malware Existence:

The virus attacks are possible if you have not availed any anti-virus software packages. This actively destroys your saved files.

  • Deleted from Trash

The user may accidently delete files from Mac’s Trash bin, which may be required later.

  • Failed to Store Data

The user may fail to store the data before the power failure or system shut down.

  • Hardware/Software Malfunction:

In case of an old desktop with outdated software, the processor may slow down making the system to malfunction. The hardware can also be affected by electrical failures.

  • System Crash:

You may find your computer software suddenly stops functioning while you are working on the core of the operating system. i.e., system crash.

  • Breach of Data:

The data including confidential files, images are breached over network resulting in the loss of data to the admin user.

Now, let us learn about Recoverit data recovery for Mac that can indisputably solve data loss due to each of the above issues.

Best File Recovery Software for Mac:

The Recoverit Mac Data Recovery Software developed by Wondershare is so far the most trusted recovery software with 5 million+ users from 160+ countries.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? Well… here are a few of its advantages:

  • The Mac data recovery can retrieve data of any size from external storage devices such as SD card, memory card, external hard disk, flash drive etc.
  • When it comes to data security, this file recovery software for Mac is completely secure from data theft.
  • The scanning speed of the Mac file recovery software will truly amaze the user.
  • Recoverit data recovery tool provides absolutely virus free software.
  • The disk recovery in Mac with Recoverit data recovery can retrieve large volumes of data in just a few hours.
  • It supports over 550 data types including documents, graphics, video, audio, email and also other types of files for you to recover data.
  • The Mac file recovery software is best known for these below listed operations,
  • This file recovery software has a user-friendly interface and a clear layout that lets you use it at a much faster pace as it is powered by a Data Analyzer Engine.
  • Also, the Mac data recovery software provides money back assurance of up to 7 days and the amount is credited within 48 to 72 hours.
  • You can readily approach its customer support in case of any queries, round the clock.

Recoverit price list and versions:

  1. Recoverit Pro Data Recovery for Mac: This package offers to recover mass volumes of all the lost/deleted/formatted files (APFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and ex-FAT drives), images and documents from Mac drives and its external storage devices.
  2. Recoverit Ultimate Data Recovery for Mac: This package mainly provides support for recovering unbootable storage media in Mac.

The prices of the packages are:

  • Professional – $89.95/year
  • Ultimate – $99.95/year
  • Technician – $399.95/year

The following list shows the details of subscription price of Recoverit- Mac Data Recovery Software for one device:

  1. One Month Subscription – $85.95
  2. One Year Subscription – $89.95
  3. Lifetime Subscription – $99.95

Recoverit Mac file recovery software is proud to hold 250+ positive reviews and has been mostly rated 4.5/5 stars for its performance and reliability.


With the advent of technological advancements, even the multitude of technical issues are sorted out. Recoverit Mac data recovery software is a clear example of it. With its free software updates, user-friendly interface and exceptional service, Recoverit data recovery tool is considered to be the best recovery software for Mac.

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