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Amazon Prime Day will be on the 11th and 12th of July this year, and many popular brands will be getting involved in the sales.

Ugreen has sent me over a list of some of the products they will have available. I have reviewed quite a lot of these products and I can personally vouch for them.

Ugreen 145W Max 25000mAh Laptop Power Bank

Ugreen 145W 25000mAh Power Bank Review USB Ports 1
  • Prime Day Price: £89.99

You can read my review of the Ugreen 145W 25000mAh power bank review here.

This is an awesome power bank and one of the best options you can buy on the market if you need something with a high-watt output to charge devices like laptops. The Anker 737 may be slightly better, but this is priced more attractively.

Ugreen USB C Charger GaN 65W Foldable

  • Prime Day Price: £35.99

I have not reviewed this one, but it a neat little power delivery plug with a folding design making it useful to carry around in a bag. With 65W output for a single port, this is powerful enough to power most lightweight laptops.

Ugreen Nexode 100W USB GaN Charger

  • Prime Day Price: £52.49

This 100W plug is priced attractively and at  £52.49, this appears to be the cheapest price it has ever been. With three USB-C ports, you can easily charge all your portable devices with one charger.

Ugreen USB C Hub Ethernet, 7-in-1 USB C Dock with 4K@60Hz HDMI, 1000Mbps

  • Prime Day Price: £29.99

UBC-C hubs like this are handy for carrying in your bag, giving you additional ports and ethernet connectivity. This supports 100W PD passthrough so you can charge your laptop while attaching any other devices you want.

Ugreen 65W 2C1A EU/UK/US GaN charger

  • Prime Day Price: £39.99

Plugs like this are perfect to leave in your luggage so you always have a plug for when you go away. At least, that’s what I do. With 65W PD output, this is good enough to charge most laptops.

Ugreen Nexode 45W USB GaN Charger

  • Prime Day Price: £27.99

This is essentially the same as the above foldable charger but cheaper and less powerful. There isn’t really any discount, though. It is regularly £27.99

Ugreen 12 in 1 docking station Triple Display for MacBook, 12-in-1 Displaylink Dock Dual HDMI and DP 4K@60Hz(8K Max)

  • Prime Day Price: £269.99

This is the biggest docking station that Ugreen has. I haven’t reviewed it yet but it can support three monitors in comparison to the 9-in-1, which is listed next that I have reviewed. This appears to be the lowest price ever, it regularly drops to £279.99

Ugreen 9 in 1 docking station for M1 / M2 MacBook, 9-in-1 Docking Station Dual Monitor

Ugreen 9 in 1 USB C Docking Station Review2
UGREEN Revodok Pro 209 USB C Docking Station for M1/M2... UGREEN Revodok Pro 209 USB C Docking Station for M1/M2... No ratings yet £199.99Amazon Prime
  • Prime Day Price: £159.99

In my opinion, this is one of the best docking stations you can get. I use it all the time, at home I use it to connect two additional monitors with the GEEKOM Mini IT11 Mini PC, and I also take it travelling with me.

At the time of writing, this was listed at £169.99 with a £10 voucher on the page. So not really any savings. It’s still a good buy, though.

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