Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot Review [ZTE MU5001] – A bargain deal to watch out for

The ZTE MU5001 5G mobile hotspot with WiFi 6 launched last year and has since been rebranded by Vodafone for its 5G mobile hotspot hardware. Vodafone Deal If you were to buy the ZTE MU5001 by itself from Amazon, it would cost you over £300. A recent deal on Vodafone allowed you to pick up … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G Review – Testing 5G in Manchester with (predictably) disappointing results

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G was one of the first phones to launch with 5G, and it is still one of the cheapest options on the market. Vodafone switched on 5G in July with a surprising number of cities already 5G enabled and many smaller towns (including Blackpool) expected to get switched on before 2020. … Read more

PayPal Teams up with Vodafone’s VOXI to Appeal to Millennials

Vodafone’s so-called “youth” mobile brand designed to appeal to millennial customers, VOXI, has recently secured an agreement with PayPal to give consumers under 30 a new way to purchase their next smartphone. This month, VOXI has started selling feature handsets as well as SIM-only contracts, giving millennial consumers the chance to get their hands on … Read more

V by Vodafone: Track your Car, Pets and Valuables

Vodafone has released 4 new connected devices as part of their  V by Vodafone range. I have already reviewed the excellent Arlo Go that is available but there are 3 other devices in the range which allow you to track all the important things in your life. The range currently includes the V-Pet (£50 upfront), V-Bag (£59 … Read more

Netgear Arlo Go / V-Camera by Vodafone Review

Netgear has established themselves as one of the market leaders in smart home security cameras with their Arlo range. I have previously reviewed the Netgear Arlo Q which is the indoor based camera from Netgear. The utterly wire-free battery-powered indoor/outdoor version is where they established themselves though. The original Arlo must have been one of … Read more

Vodafone announces full fibre gigabit broadband rollout with CityFibre

In the UK we are largely limited to 2 providers, BT OpenReach and Virgin. Both of these options are substandard compared to many other countries broadband infrastructures. In the UK both BT and Virgin use fibre to the cabinet then connect your house either with copper or coaxial. The best speed your average user can … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S :Pre-Order on Vodafone

The Samsung Galaxy is S is receiving a lot of good press from it’s Super AMOLED screen, super fast processing abilities and above all its HD content. This week also saw the announcement of iPhone 4.0 and Samsung were quick to judge and slam the Cupertino’s baby’s screen, claiming it wasn’t a patch on their … Read more

iPad Data Tariffs announced : Orange, O2 and Voda

Now after our iPad officialdom release news t’other day, Apple themselves released the plans for data usage before the mobile carriers had done it themselves. Now I dont’t need to go into great detail about the plans as it’s plain for all to see in the image. What is surprising is how different the prices … Read more

Review: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook + Vodafone Mobile Broadband

I am sure most people have noticed there has been a big push by the big mobile phone companies recently towards selling mobile broadband. Most new mobiles come with 3G and some form of a web browser and most companies sell some form of web access on top of the normal phone contracts. Companies like … Read more