Polar Pacer Pro vs Vantage M2 vs Garmin Forerunner 245 Compared – Or wait for the Forerunner 255

This week, Polar announced two new watches, the Polar Pacer Pro and the standard Pacer. These are geared toward runners but should function well as multisports watches. The two watches shake up the Polar range, effectively making the M2 obsolete and reducing the appeal of their premium-priced watches. In theory, that’s good for the consumer, … Read more

Polar Verity Sense Review – Not much change vs OH1 but still the best optical heart rate monitor

I reviewed the Polar OH1 optical heart rate monitor back in 2018 and have continued to use it until this year when the Polar Sense Verity was launched. Every other HRM I have tried has died or just not been very accurate. Not much has changed since the older model, existing users shouldn’t feel too … Read more

Powr labs Chest & Optical Armband Hear Rate Monitor Review – Good alternative options vs Wahoo, Polar & Garmin

Anyone half-serious about fitness will know that the optical heart rate monitoring on watches is prone to serious inaccuracies. It is not so much that the sensor is inaccurate, just the wrist is an awful place to monitor your heart rate. I have reviewed several heart rate monitors now and bought many more. I have … Read more

Polar Unite vs Ignite vs Vantage M – Polar introduces an affordable fitness watch without built-in GPS

With Garmin dominating the upper end of the market, competing brands are looking at trying something different that not necessarily tries to compete like for like. We saw Suunto make a dramatic change with the introduction of a WearOS watch, sacrificing battery life in favour of all the functionality a true smartwatch OS brings. Now … Read more

Polar Grit X vs Vantage vs Garmin Fenix 6 – The Grit X is an appealing alternative

Polar launched its Vantage series back in 2018 receiving mostly positive reviews with the Vantage V offering an industry-first running power from the wrist. Now Polar is back, with the Grit X, it is not so much a successor to the Vantage but a new high-end watch much the same as the Vantage series but … Read more

Polar Ignite vs Garmin Forerunner 45 vs Fitbit Versa – Which is the best affordable sports watch?

Yesterday Polar announced their new Ignite sports watch, which could turn out to be one of the best sports watches of the year. Priced at £174.50 this sits comfortably cheaper than the Garmin Forerunner 45 or Fitbit Versa. While the Fitbit is not really the same product as either the Garmin or Polar, I think … Read more

Polar OH1 Heart Rate Sensor Review – Upper Arm Heart Rate Monitor – Now with Ant+

Originally posted May 2018 – Updated on 02/05/2019 The Polar OH1 has now had a new firmware rolled out enabling Ant+. It was a great device to start with and now, after a year of using it, I think it is probably the best heart rate tracker on the market.  Polar have recently overhauled their … Read more

Polar Vantage V Premium Multi-Sport Watch Announced – £60 cheaper than Suunto 9 & includes running power

While most people opt for Garmin multi-sport watches there are still a few decent alternatives, with the Suunto 9 being a popular choice for ultra-endurance athletes. Now Polar are throwing their hat in the ring with the new flagship Polar Vantage V. Similar to Suunto, Polar appears to have avoided trying to compete with the … Read more

Suunto 9 Baro review – Full review with heart rate comparisons & performance mode tests

A few weeks ago, the Suunto 9 was launched, and for the past three weeks or so I have been using it as my main sports watch, replacing my ageing Garmin Forerunner 235. I have posted some initial impressions of it, but now I have used it for around 20 gym, running sessions, and a … Read more

Garmin Edge 520 vs POLAR V650 vs Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS Cycling Computer

I recently reviewed the excellent POLAR V650 which I have continued to use as my primary bike computer, mainly because I like the mapping functions it has built it. I also own the Garmin Edge 520 which is a great mid-level option so I decided to see how they both compare to each other, as well as … Read more

Polar V650 GPS Bike Computer Review 2018 – Now with Strava Live Segments

The Polar V650 bike computer has been out for over 3 years now, but Polar has been regularly updating it, with the latest update including Strava Live Segments, so I have been reviewing it with the Polar OH1 for the past couple of weeks. The V650 is not as popular as Garmin products, but based on … Read more

Polar WearLink Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Belt for Android Phones Review

While Mighty Gadget doesn’t really blog about fitness products much we recently were given a Polar WearLink Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor to try out. Unlike most HRMs the Polar Wearlink appealed to us as it connects to Android phones and is compatible with multiple apps including Endomondo, RunKeeper, Sports Track, Runtastic and many more. The … Read more