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The best heart rate monitors for Garmin & Zwift for 2020 – Chest & Optical HRM

As much as I love my Garmin Fenix 6 and other multi-sports watches, the wrist-based optical heart rate monitoring is poor. The accuracy will vary a lot depending on placement and the activity. For me, with things like cycling and rowing, accuracy is poor to the point of being useless. Generally, for things like rowing, it just won't lock on to my heart rate, so a 20min 5K row on the Concept2 it won't register more than 120bpm. Garmin Edge with chest strap vs Suunto 5 wrist oHRM Using an external heart rate monitor will greatly improve accuracy in...

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Polar OH1 Heart Rate Sensor Review – Upper Arm Heart Rate Monitor – Now with Ant+ Score 93%

Polar OH1 Heart Rate Sensor Review – Upper Arm Heart Rate Monitor – Now with Ant+

Originally posted May 2018 – Updated on 02/05/2019 The Polar OH1 has no had a new firmware rolled out enabling Ant+. It was a great device to start with and now, after a year of using it, I think it is probably the best heart rate tracker on the market.  Polar have recently overhauled their popular V650 GPS bike computer to include Strava Live Segments, GPS-based gradient, Advanced Power Metrics and improved Power Sensor compatibility. As part of the update, you can now buy the V650 bundled with the Polar OH1 optical heart rate sensor which was launched towards the...

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Suunto 9 Baro review – Full review with heart rate comparisons & performance mode tests Score 79%

Suunto 9 Baro review – Full review with heart rate comparisons & performance mode tests

A few weeks ago, the Suunto 9 was launched, and for the past three weeks or so I have been using it as my main sports watch, replacing my ageing Garmin Forerunner 235. I have posted some initial impressions of it, but now I have used it for around 20 gym, running sessions, and a long bike ride so I have a clearer understanding of how good it is. The Sunnto 9 replaces the Spart Ultra as the top model in the brands line up, it is priced at £499 making it around £100 cheaper than the new Garmin...

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RunAR Upper Arm Optical HR Sensor Review Score 70%

RunAR Upper Arm Optical HR Sensor Review

As a geek that love fitness, I love looking at data from my various sessions from running, cycling or the various cardio machines in the gym. Most fitness fanatics will have noticed irregular readings with wrist-based HRM; the problem occurs across brands and product ranges, it doesn’t matter if you have a Fitbit Charge 2 or Garmin Fenix 5X. The issue is that wrist placement really isn’t good for an HRM, there is a large amount of movement around that part of your body and for some a lot of hair. They are very convenient, and in general, the...

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Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors for 2018 – HRM Comparision

If you are a fitness enthusiast and use a sports watch with a built-in wrist based optical heart rate monitor, you will likely have experienced a lot of inaccuracies. Depending on the sport and the level of rigorousness that inaccuracy can vary from a small amount to being completely useless. Wrist-based options are still great for casual tracking, I can’t be bothered setting up a chest strap every time I use the cross trainer in the gym, but for runs or long bike rides it is a statistic I would like to track more reliably. There are a lot...

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AIEX / moreFit / RobotsDeal Fitness Activity Tracker Review Score 90%

AIEX / moreFit / RobotsDeal Fitness Activity Tracker Review

Following my recent reviews of the Lintelek, Letsfit and Fatmoon Fitness Trackers I decided to continue trying other brands out as I have had quite a bit of interest in them from readers. As I have concluded previously, many of the fitness trackers on Amazon are identical, and they are just white label products that have then been slightly branded to the reseller. Today I am reviewing the moreFit Slim HR Plus Waterproof Fitness Activity Tracker, however, based on some light research on Amazon it is exactly the same model as the AIEX Heart Rate Monitor, JoyGeek Fitness Tracker,...

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Fatmoon DM58 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Score 59%

Fatmoon DM58 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

This year Amazon has been flooded with fitness trackers offering wrist-based heart rate monitoring. While I like the Fitbit ecosystem they are a lot of money for what they are, and it is a high price to pay if you are just getting into fitness. I bought this particular tracker is the design is nice and it is considerably cheaper than the Fitbit HR2 at a bargain price of just £33.99. It also has some additional functions such as blood pressure (which I was sceptical of). On my wrist it is quite a nice size, I have slim wrists,...

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FitBit Launches Ionic Smartwatch

We have been expecting Fitbit to launch their first smartwatch for a while now. They bought up the IP from Pebble late last year, at the same time fitness tracker sales have been declining for Fitbit. So releasing a smartwatch was an inevitable move. This week Fitbit finally announced their entry into the smartwatch market with the Fitbit Ionic. With the smartwatch market, itself not performing as well as some companies would have hoped it will be interesting to see if Fitbit can shake things up. The Ionic is built out of a lightweight aluminium case and boasts a...

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