FRITZ!Repeater 6000 Review – Tri-band WiFi 6 mesh repeater with 2.5GbE

Following on from my FRITZ!Box 4060 router review. I was also sent the FRITZ!Repeater 6000 allowing me to upgrade the router into a fully-fledged tri-band WiFi 6 mesh system. Specification Tri-band Wi-Fi: 2400 Mbit/s (5 GHz, 4 x 4, 80 MHz) 2400 Mbit/s (5 GHz, 4 x 4, 80 MHz) 1200 Mbit/s (2.4 GHz, 4 … Read more

FRITZ!Box 4060 WiFi 6 Router Review – Tri-band mesh compatible router that competes with the best mesh systems

The new FRITZ!Box 4060 adopts a similar approach to most modern routers nowadays. There is no modem, and your Internet needs to be fed into the WAN port. For many people in the UK, this design makes sense as we are often locked into ISP supplied hardware. All my recent FRITZ!Box reviews have had to … Read more

FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber announced SFP for 10 Gbit/s FTTH connectivity & 2.5GbE LAN. Probably won’t come to the UK

AVM FRITZ!Box routers don’t get a lot of attention in the UK, but they are fantastic devices with a great feature set, including a telephone system for DECT, IP and analogue phones. I am currently in the process of reviewing the FRITZ!Box 4060 WiFi 6 router and the FRITZ!Repeater 6000 WiFI mesh repeater, which should … Read more

FRITZ!Box 7530 AX Review – WiFi 6, VOIP, VDSL/ADSL modem & Router all in one package

The FRITZ!Box 7530 AX is one of the first WiFi 6 routers from AVM FRITZ!Box. To make things a little confusing, they have retained the same model number as the WiFi 5 AVM FRITZ!Box 7530 but added the AX extension associated with WiFi 6. As you might have guessed, this is therefore essentially the same … Read more

AVM FRITZ!OS 7.25 now available for FRITZ!Box 7590 with other routers later. Introduces WFH priority features, new parental controls and better WiFI

AVM have release a major FRITZ!OS update with over 70 new features and improvements. The new FRITZ!OS is available now for FRITZ!Box 7590. The update will be rolled out gradually for all other current FRITZ! products. While FRITZ!Box routers may not be as popular as the likes of Netgear and TP-Link in the UK, I … Read more

FRITZ!Fon C6 DECT Phone Review – A VOIP compatible phone for DECT equipped Fritz!Box routers

It has been over 5-years since I reviewed a DECT phone, even then it was a technology that felt very out of date. With the prevalence of cheap smartphones and affordable mobile contracts, there is little need for the home user to have a landline nowadays. However, they are still important for most businesses, and … Read more

The best VDSL WiFi Routers for 2020

[November 2019 Update] Updated reviews, TP-link has dropped in review rating, while AVM FRITZ!Box 7590 has dropped in price, making this my new recommendation. There are hundreds of routers on the market covering features and pricing to suit everyone. One specific feature set that doesn’t have a lot of options is routers with a VDSL … Read more

AVM FRITZ!Box gets mesh Wi-Fi

AVM the company behind the excellent range of FRITZ!Box routers have finally entered the mesh Wi-Fi market. Unlike competing brands such as the Netgear Orbi or the Linksys Velop, AVM is not releasing a separate router specialising in this, rather they are updating existing models to be compatible with the standard. FRITZ!OS 7 is the new router operating … Read more

FRITZ!Box 7590 Review – VDSL MIMO AC Router with Telephone System

I have reviewed a lot of the FRITZ!Box products now, this German company may not be a household name in the UK but they dominate DSL hardware market in the EU. I have always found their hardware to be excellent and the new FRITZ!Box 7590 is their latest flagship offering. The FRITZ!Box 7590 isn’t actually … Read more

New top FRITZ!Box models for DSL and cable – expanded FRITZ! wireless LAN with mesh convenience

AVM have announced details of the upcoming line-up of routers this year, the new lineup includes models with MIMO allowing them to achieve wireless speeds of 1,733 Mbit/s + 800 Mbit/s. The 2 new routers come in a more conservative design which will make them a bit more appealing to some. Press release as follows: The new top … Read more

FRITZ!Box 7560 ADSL & VDSL WiFi Router Review

FRITZ!Box has been a firm favourite hardware provider with me for router products in recent years. The FRITZ!Box 7490 is still my main router in the office. In my experience, they have always offered high-end features, including VDSL modems, as well as a decent user interface and usability. At the time of reviewing the 7490, … Read more

FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE Review

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”] We have been very fond of products by FRITZ! Recently, there are a relatively unknown player in the UK, but massive in Europe. Today we have a slightly niche product from them the FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE, as the name suggests this is a 4G/LTE based … Read more