SwitchBot Wireless Hygrometer Thermometer

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SwitchBot has recently launched a new Wireless Hygrometer Thermometer. Unlike the existing SwitchBot Meter, this new device has no display but has an IP65 waterproof design with a more rugged plastic shell that also has a lanyard for convenient placement.

This allows the Thermo-Hygrometer to be used outdoors or in wet environments such as the bathroom. SwitchBot also advertises it as being useful for vivariums for lizards and other animals or alternatively for humidors for cigars.

With a built-in industrial-grade Swiss Sensirion high-precision sensor, you’re able to refresh temperature and humidity data every 4 seconds. It can quickly monitor subtle changes in temperature and humidity, providing more accurate and trustworthy data.

SwitchBot Wireless Hygrometer Thermometer data

Temperature, humidity, absolute humidity, Dew Point, and VPD can be monitored in real-time, and when a value goes out of your own set range, you’ll be able to receive alerts via our app on your smartphone, reminding you to take timely preventive measures.

SwitchBot Wireless Hygrometer Thermometer Notifiications

For remote alerts, you will need to pair this with one of the SwitchBot hubs, such as the new SwitchBot Hub 2.

For easy access to temperature readings, users can simply connect via Bluetooth and view the Outdoor Meter data within a range of 120 Meters (394 Feet).

The Thermo-Hygrometer has 68 days’ worth of storage when used by itself, or when paired with a hub, you get up to 2 years of cloud storage.

This also has an exceptional 2 years of battery life. You’ll also get low-battery notifications via our app when you need to change batteries.

Like most SwitchBot devices, this is very affordable, with an RRP of just £14.99

A Further 10% off Code: 10OUTDOORN is also available from May 18th to August 18th on both Amazon and Webstore.

SwitchBot IP65 Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer Thermometer... SwitchBot IP65 Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer Thermometer... No ratings yet £14.99Amazon Prime

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