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During the holidays, I have been testing out a range of products from SprkCharger. The brand describes itself as being the best for portable charging devices, and I have to give it to them, they do seem to have a unique and innovative range of products.

SprkCharger Battery Wallet

SprkCharger Battery Wallet Review

This is the flagship product. It is basically a metal wallet/card holder that has become popular in recent years, but it also has a 2900 mAh built into it with a small connector that folds into the wallet. This connector then has an innovative magnetic attachment allowing you to swap the connector types giving you options for Lightning, USB-C or microUSB.

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I have to admit that I am not overly keen on the metal wallet design. I prefer keeping it old-fashioned with a leather wallet. My main issue with these wallets is that I don’t like the way they hold onto cash with the cash clip design. I am sure it is secure, but I lose things far to easy to trust it.

For cards, this is designed, so you won’t lose them. The card section has little winged edges, so your cards won’t slip out from the side.

Leather wallets tend to be thick and often ugly, which don’t really work with slim-fitting clothes. I specifically have a slim leather wallet, I can’t find the brand now, but Bellroy is the main brand that specialises in this style of slim wallet.

The SprkCharger Battery Wallet has roughly the same footprint as my small wallet. Which is quite impressive considering it has a battery built-in.

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The way the cable is contained within the wallet and the magnetic connector is impressive, and it works as expected. I suspect that magnetic attachment will inevitably lead me to drunkenly lose the USB-C connector. You can get replacements which cost $15 for 3.  

The battery itself is just 2900mAh, that’s probably going to charge most phones by about 50%, which is not great in the world of portable power banks, but considering the size, it is quite impressive. This is the kind of thing that will work well on a night out where you think you may not make it the full night before your battery dies. I used it over Christmas for an afternoon and night out, and it saved me taking a chunkier 5000mah battery with me.

This costs $150 (£124), which is quite a lot of money in my opinion. Looking online, you can pick up metal card holders for around £20, but the Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet will set you back £84, so you are not paying much more for this functional battery wallet.

Due to the unique nature of this battery wallet, I think it is a good investment and would make a great present.

SprkCharger Slim Battery

SprkCharger Slim Battery

If you don’t want to commit to a wallet, then you can get just the battery by itself. It is almost identical to the wallet, just without the bits that hold onto your money.

The one thing I dislike about this, and the battery wallet, is that it requires microUSB to charge.

This is a bit more wallet-friendly at just $80 or £66. However, in this case, there are competing devices that are worth considering.

The iWalk USB-C power bank is 4500mAh and costs just £20. It is inevitably bulkier, but it’s a third of the price and 55% larger in capacity.

There is also the Auskang 5000mAh Power Bank, which is a similar design to the SprkCharger, but uglier and inevitably larger. However, it costs just £19 and is almost twice the capacity.

SprkCharger Cable Wrap & Stand

SprkCharger Cable Wrap and Stand

Finally, I was sent a couple of accessories, the cable wrap and stand. These both follow the same principle as the other two products. Both are designed to be as slim and portable as possible.

The stand is quite good, durable with its metal construction and has a decent amount of weight to it, so your phone won’t fall over mid-flight or whenever you use it.

SprkCharger Cable Wrap and Stand1

The cable wrap is exactly what you expect it to be. It is pretty good, though and uses the same magnetic connectors as the wallet, however, these connectors are kept with the cable wrap, meaning you can always charge whatever device you want.

SprkCharger Cable Wrap and Stand2

I like the cable wrap, and it’s a good option if you are willing to pay a premium price. It costs $40 / £33, which is a bit steep for a cable.

Again, there are plenty of cheap alternative options. I have a couple of PR samples which are effectively the same as the retractable multi-charger cables you can get on Amazon. They cost about £7 for a two-pack. They are ugly and bulkier than the SprkCharger, but that’s a big price difference.

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