Cleer ARC II Open Ear True Wireless Earbuds Announced

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At CES 2023, Cleer has announced the next generation of their open-ear true wireless earbuds, the ARC II.

I have always had mixed results with open-ear fit earbuds, my oddly shaped ears means that earbuds struggle to stay in place. Even though I quite liked the sports focused Cleer Goal, they just didn’t suit my ears.

These earbuds don’t go inside your ear but sit on top of them with the flexible hinge design that loops around your ear, keeping them in place. This allows you to listen to your music while being aware of your surrounding and without the earbuds falling out.

These will be appealing to anyone that wants environmental awareness while listening to audio, but for me, they are mainly appealing for sports, specifically outdoor running.

Shokz (Formerly AfterShokz) are the main brand for runners. The UK Athletics Rules of Competition strictly forbid anything in ear, but the Cleer ARC II should fall in line with these rules. If you are not a competitive runner, it doesn’t matter. As much as I like Shokz bone conduction headphones, it is an unusual experience and not the best overall sound quality (compared to in-ear buds). These ARC II on-ear open-ear headphones should, in theory, offer better sound quality while retaining environmental awareness.

The earbuds are only IPX4 rated, which is not the best but should be good enough for running. You then get 8-hrs of playback per charge and 27-hrs of additional charge in the charging case.

ARC II’s dynamic sound quality is fueled by its custom-tuned 16.2 mm graphene neodymium drivers that beam toward your ears, and Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC and the latest AptX® Codecs for secure connectivity.  The free Cleer+ App adds customizable performance by adjusting the EQ and customizing music playback, and firmware updates.

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  • Open-ear earbuds with flexible hinge design ensure a passive listening experience with maximum comfort.
  • Custom tuned 16.2mm graphene driver.
  • Up to 35-hrs of on-the-go playback, 8-hrs of playback per charge and 27-hrs of additional charge in the charging case.
  • IPX4 certified water and sweat resistance.
  • Multipoint connectivity allows you to seamlessly switch audio input from two simultaneously connected devices.
  • Simple touch gestures provide control over track selection, volume, calls, and accessing your voice assistant.
  • Customizable performance, firmware updates, and more with the free Cleer+ App.

ARC II includes a charging-pad integrated carrying case. Available in a graphite or warm gray finish. U.S. MSRP for ARC II is $ 149.99 and will be available in the 1st quarter of 2023.

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