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Hoover has been refreshing their vacuum cleaner range in the past year with the launch of the flagship Hoover HFX cordless vacuum, the HL4 upright vacuum and the HF9 cordless vacuum.

The latest launch is the mid-range HF4, which is a simplified and more affordable alternative to the excellent HF9.

Hoover HF4 vs HF9 Differences

Hoover doesn’t state things like air watts or sound levels, so I have used the figures quoted in Argos. I can’t be sure if these are accurate, but subjectively, I would say they correlate to the performance I experienced.

  • Air Watts:
    • HF4: – 80aW
    • HF9: 130aW
  • Sound Level:
    • HF4: 86 dB
    • HF9: Not Stated
  • Weight:
    • HF4: – 2.63kg
    • HF9: 3.4kg
  • Battery:
    • HF4: 1x removable / 25000mAh
    • HF9: Option for 2x batteries / 4,000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Run Time:
    • HF4: 30 Mins
    • HF9: 30 Mins
  • Charge Time
    • HF4:  3.5h
    • HF9:  3.5h
  • Capacity:
    • HF4: 0.7l
    • HF9: 0.7l
  • Accessories – Identical for both:
  • Warranty:
    • HF4: 3 years
    • HF9: 5 years

Features / Specification

  • Extreme manoeuvrability & high performance
  • Ultra manoeuvrable – designed to reach every corner with ease
  • ANTI-TWIST – hair is automatically removed from the brushbar
  • Performance – up to 30 minutes of suction power to clean your entire home
  • Easy to use – with an intuitive LED display showing battery status
  • Weight – 2.63kg
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH)- 258*165*1110 (mm)
  • Capacity – 0.7l
  • Charging Time – 3.5 (hours)
  • Warranty – 3 Years (2 Years For Battery)
  • Included-
    • Removable Battery Pack
    • UK Charging Plug
    • 2-in-1 Dusting/Upholstery Tool
    • Crevice Tool
    • Pet tool
    • Cleaning Tool
    • Wall Mount


Hoover H4 Cordless Vacuum Review 2

The Hoover HF4 is smaller and lighter than the HF9, with a simpler design.

The main section of the Hoover is preassembled and can be dismantled to maintain the two filters and remove the dustbin for easy cleaning.

The battery slides into the handheld part and is locked in place with a pushdown release button, making it easy to replace. The battery has the DC barrel built into it, so in theory, you could get a second battery for increased run times, but Hoover doesn’t appear to sell this year.  

Hoover H4 Cordless Vacuum Review 3

The controls on the top are quite basic, with a power button and turbo button, then LED bars to indicate the battery life rather than the LCD displaying the runtime left that the HF9 had.

The Hoover is easy to assemble and includes the same accessories as the HF9.

Similar to the other Hoover models, this pet edition includes a motorised mini turbo brush that loosens and lifts out stubborn cat and dog hairs.

HEPA Filter

Many vacuum cleaners advertise HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters, which are designed to remove at least 99.95% of particulate matter whose diameter is equal to 0.3 μm. They can also capture pollen, dirt, dust, moisture, and bacteria (0.2–2.0 μm). Therefore, they are popular with people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

All the Hoover cordless vacuums lack a HEPA filter but still have a normal filter. Whereas the plugged-in upright vacuums, such as the HL4 and HL5, do have HEPA filters.

When I reviewed the Halo Capsule, I was informed that independent filtration testing costs a significant amount of money and that’s why they hadn’t received official accreditation.

I suspect that in the case of Hoover, the reasoning behind not using HEPA filters is the lower-powered motors. The HEPA filter will increase resistance and reduce cleaning performance.

Whatever the reason, cordless vacuums still include filters that are replaceable and washable.

Cleaning Performance

One of the selling points of this vacuum is its lightweight design, which is just 2.63kg. This makes it much easier to handle than many competing options. It is particularly handy when you want to vacuum stairs or furniture.

The suction power is OK. I have no way to test this accurately, but subjectively the suction is lower than both the HF9 and HFX.

I have found the suction to be acceptable for our needs, but we also have a robot vacuum that runs daily and keeps on top of things.

I tested it by throwing various detritus, such as flour, sugar, and rice, on our kitchen floor. It managed to clean everything up acceptably, just not quite as efficiently as the HF9/HFX.

I would say it is perhaps not the best option for deep cleaning, and one of the more powerful options may be better suited to larger households with more demanding cleaning needs.

Emptying the bin is easy enough with a release catch, but some debris may need to be forced out with the included cleaning tool.


The main head of the HF4 has two hinges with a wide range of motion for horizontal and vertical manoeuvrability.

This works very well and allows you to easily manoeuvre around furniture and get into nooks and crannies without having to be a contortionist.

Handheld Mode

Like most cordless vacuums, it can be converted into a more portable handheld mode by removing the main long pole. This makes it easy to clean things like furniture and stairs.

Anti-Twist & Pet Hair Removal

All the recent Hoover vacuums use what is called anti-twist technology, where they claim hair is automatically removed from the brush bar. This seems to work by using a combination of a uniquely shaped brushbar and teeth on the inside of the head, which dislodges the build-up of hair.

I have been using the HF9 since May last year and this HF4 for the past few weeks, and it does seem to provide superior performance to other vacuums I have, especially in comparison to my robot vacuums, which are constantly clogged with hair.

It is not perfect; there is a small build-up of hair, but it doesn’t seem to wrap around the brush head as tightly as other vacuums, and it is, therefore, much easier to remove.

I don’t have a pet, but the motorised mini turbo brush does seem to work well and I often use it to vacuum our couch.


The HF4 has the same 30-minute run time as the HF9 but doesn’t have the option for a second battery, so when the battery is dead, you will have to wait for it to recharge.

Like all cordless vacuums, the run time is based on the standard suction setting, and this number reduces significantly with the turbo mode.

I mostly use the turbo mode and find it good enough to clean at least a couple of rooms.

The battery has a capacity of 2500mAh in comparison to the 4000mAh of the HF9, and this is likely due to the motor being less powerful.

Price and Alternative Options

The Hoover HF4 is available in a home or pet edition priced at:

  • HF4 Home Edition: £249 RRP discounted to £199
  • HF4 Pet Edition: £269 RRP discounted to £249

Hoover has several other cordless vacuums, including:

  • Hoover HFX: £449 RRP discounted to £399
  • Hoover HF9: RRP between £399 and £499 discounted to £200 / £269
  • Hoover HF1: £149 discounted to £199

For competing brands, at this price point, Vax is probably the best alternative.

The Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 cordless vacuum cleaner is available for around £160, or the pet model is just £10 more. It has a lower-capacity bin but a longer run time and the option for two batteries.

The Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum [Single Battery] IZ202UK is £190

The cheapest Dyson is the V8, which is priced at £230.


The Hoover HF4 is an affordable cordless vacuum cleaner that offers a good balance of performance and price (when looking at the RRP).

I don’t think Hoover does themselves any favours by discounting products on their own website. At the time of writing (2nd February 2024), the HF4 Home and Pets editions are the same price, so you may as well get the Pets edition.

Furthermore, the Hoover HF9 Home is the same price as the HF4 Home, and the HF9 Pets is just £20 more than the HF4 Pets.

Based on these prices, it is hard to recommend the HF4 when the HF9 is significantly better.

The Hoover HF9 has been my favourite cordless vacuum in recent years; it has similar, if not better, cleaning performance than the more expensive models such as the Tineco PURE One S15; I would also say I prefer the HF9 over the HFX as it is better value for money.

Therefore, while I can strongly recommend the Hoover HF4, you should look at what discounts are available at the time of purchase.

Hoover HF4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review


The Hoover HF4 is an affordable cordless vacuum cleaner that offers a good balance of performance and price (when looking at the RRP).

However, the deep discounts that are available for the HF9 make that more appealing.

  • Overall - 75%


  • Light weight design that’s easy to maintain
  • Decent clearing performance


  • Lower power than HF9 makes this better suited as a secondary vacuum or for less demanding households

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