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The Soundpeats H1 Premium are a new pair of earbuds that are a minor update to the existing Soundpeats H1, which have been on Amazon for around 6 months.

The only difference between these two earbuds seems to be the inclusion of an AI Voice Assistant.

This is a relatively short review as I had connectivity issues, which meant that these are hard to recommend regardless of performance elsewhere.


Soundpeats H1 Premium2
  • Sensitivity: 94±3dB
  • Resistance: 32Ω
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-20KHz
  • Codecs: SBC、 APTX、 APTX-adaptive
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • AI Voice Assistant
  • Bluetooth Prole: HSP 、HFP 、 A2DP、AVRCP
  • Bluetooth Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3040
  • 10 hours playtime + 30 hours from the case
  • 3 silicon eartips + 1 foam comply
  • No App
  • No ANC


I have had serious issues with the connectivity of these. Both my OPPO Find X3 Neo and Pixel 6 Pro struggled to pair with them initially. When they did pair, they quite frequently didn’t play anything out of the right ear.

Quite often, I found that I didn’t get the power on notification, which would mean me having to reseat the earbuds back into the case and take them out again.

Comfort / Fit

Soundpeats H1

The Soundpeats H1 have a comfortable fit, sitting snug inside the concha with no signs of movement while in use. I have used them for vigorous exercise and had no issues with them falling out.

Sound Quality / Latency

Sound quality is good with the typical boost in bass that you get from most TWS earbuds.

Mids and treble offer a good level of detail, and the highs don’t suffer from too much harshness.

If anything, it is a little disappointing they don’t sound better. The dual-driver design should give them a better handling of the different frequency ranges.

Ai Assistant

Soundpeats H1 Premium3

The only difference between this and the standard Soundpeats H1 is the new AI assistant function. If you say “Hi Soundpeats” it will load up your chosen voice assistant. No button presses are necessary.

It is quite useful. I used it during fitness/running when wanting to change tracks or change the volume.


These claim a 10-hour battery life with 30 hours extra from the case. I used them for around 4 hours straight, and the battery still seemed to be well above 50%, so I would say these claims are accurate.

Ten hours is well above average, so this is good.

Price and Alternative Options

The Soundpeats H1 Premium has an RRP of £80 but currently, you can get 20% off via Amazon, they were recently on sale for £63.99, which is also 20% off the RRP.

The Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro are currently £89,99, but there is also a voucher off until the 31st of October for £40. They lack aptX adaptive, but have normal aptX. However, I’d say they are better earbuds in general.  

With the RRP you are getting dangerously close to the Nothing ear(1), which offer superb ANC and decent sound quality.

The EarFun Air Pro 2 are just £69.99 and have excellent ANC and superb sound quality, but perhaps a little bass dominant.


For a start, due to the connectivity issues I had, these are a hard recommendation. It is possible I had a faulty pair, but I review dozens of earbuds over the year and not had an issue like this before.

Ignoring the issues I experienced, I think the Soundpeats H1 Premium are overpriced at £80, but it looks like they are permanently discounted to around £65, which makes them more attractive.

Sound quality is decent, and I like that you get a pair of foam comply ear tips. aptX Adaptive is a useful codec to have and is ideal for anyone that plays games or watches movies while wearing earbuds.

Overall, at £65, if they worked properly, they would be OK. There are a lot of great earbuds out there at this price, and I think these struggle to stand out from the crowd.

Soundpeats H1 Premium Review Rating


My sample of the Soundpeats H1 Premium had some serious connectivity issues with two phones. Even if that problem had not occurred, these struggle to stand out from the crowd.

  • Connectivity - 15%
  • Sound Quality - 75%
  • Battery - 85%
  • Price - 65%


  • Good comfort
  • Generally a good sound + comply eartips
  • Excellent battery


  • Serious connectivity problems
  • High RRP

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