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Correction: I previously stated that RGT Cycling had lost its free tier, but Wahoo have informed me otherwise (though I am not convinced this will last forever).

Three weeks after I wrote a post about the top free indoor cycling apps, highlighting RGT as the best option, Wahoo buys them up. For the time being there is still a free version.

It is promising that Wahoo is aggressively expanding its virtual cycling platform. However, Wahoo seems undecided about its branding.

wahoo X 1

Wahoo previously bought out the popular Sufferfest and rolled it into Wahoo SYSTM.

Now, with the acquisition of RGT, they are launching a new Wahoo X service. Technically SYSTM still exists, it’s just Wahoo X is the umbrella service for both Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT.

If you are on SYSTM or RGT, you will be migrated to Wahoo X at no additional cost. For RGT premium users, I hope this means you will retain the $10/month fee. Alternatively, the price is being jacked up to $14.99 + tax PCM.

To be fair, $15 seems quite reasonable to have full access to both SYSTM and RGT.

At the time of writing, both Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT are two separate apps; it appears Wahoo X is just the billing and account management. I’d assume at some point they may try and merge everything into one.

Zwift is by far the most dominant indoor cycling app, but a lot of people seem disappointed at the lack of development and various glitches within the game. They instead seem focussed on developing hardware, including an indoor smart bike. Having a well-established company like Wahoo acquiring multiple competing services is surely going to put some pressure on Zwift.

I recently tried out RGT under its free plan, and it was a fun experience but the majority of riders were bots and had nowhere near the sort of user interaction as Zwift. I hope this acquisition sees a large influx of new riders.

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