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When building a gaming setup, it is easy to focus on the computer and monitor and forget about or cheap out on the accessories. Accessories like the mouse are crucial to good gameplay and wins. A good mouse makes you more precise and allows even the smallest movements to be registered as in-game moves. This is because a gaming mouse is made to be more sensitive, lighter, and ergonomic than a regular mouse. So, what should you look for when choosing a gaming mouse?

Type of Sensor

All modern mice use an LED light that bounces off the surface you place the mouse on to register movement. The two main types of mouse sensors are laser and optical.

There is a lot of debate about which type is better, but a lot of testing and reviews give a better idea to make selection easier. Laser mice can work on any surface and have better accuracy than their optical counterparts. However, they do have some issues with acceleration. This issue appears when you move the mouse too fast and the cursor on the screen lags.

Optical sensors do not have these issues with acceleration, but they are more sensitive to the surface they are placed on. If you do not mind getting a high-end mouse pad, an optical mouse is the better option.

Weight and Ergonomics

If you regularly have long gaming sessions, the weight and ergonomics of the mouse will matter. Ergonomic mice are designed to reduce strain on the wrist. Their design eliminates hand shifting and repositioning that occurs when you play with a mouse that is not ergonomic.

If you move your mouse fast, you want as little resistance as possible. This is where the weight of the mouse comes in. Most gaming mice are very light, and some of them even come with adjustable weight for gaming and office use. When playing games that do not require rapid movement, such as casino games at reputable online casinos, you do not need a very light mouse, but you do when playing first-person shooters that require this fast movement.


Mouse sensitivity is often measured in DPI (Dots Per Inch). This is the number of pixels the cursor will move on the screen when you move the mouse one inch. With a larger screen, you need a mouse with high DPI as that can affect precision and movement. 

You might also see the CPI quoted. This is known as the Counts Per Inch measurement and is measured by looking at the sensor used inside the mouse. It is also used to determine how far the cursor travels per inch of mouse movement.


We have mentioned weight as possible customization, but there are other customizations to consider. For example, you might want a mouse with customizable RGB so you can match it to your setup. You might also want one where you can change the button configuration depending on the game you are playing.

Gaming mice are very different from the common ones you find in offices. They are specifically designed and built to help you have the best gaming experience possible. They also come with different features that you can compare to get the best mouse when shopping.

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