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Health Tracking

Health tracking works adequately.

The all-day HR works in a similar manner to Huawei, giving you max, min average and resting heart rate. I never really understand how these companies come up with resting heart rate, it should be the lowest heart rate while awake (and completely rested), but the resting HR on Realme (similar to Huawei/Honor) is significantly higher than my low points during the day. Garmin isn’t much better.

Step counting is very sensitive, as I write this article early in the morning, the Realme Watch on my none dominant arm states I have done 781 steps vs 511 of my Garmin. Some days it was wildly off the readings I got from my Garmin.

Sleep tracking is reasonably accurate. I am yet to find any wearable or sleep tracking device in general that I would regard as highly accurate. The sleep time appears to match up with my Garmin, and I would say it is better than the Honor band with its weird sleep start time that is always 8 pm for me. However, Realme only identifies deep sleep, light sleep and being awake. It didn’t identify my wake times properly (I literally got out of bed), but this is quite common with wearables.

Like most fitness trackers nowadays, this does SPO2 measurements. I find it to be mostly a gimmick on all wearables, but it works, and it indicates I am healthy, which will likely be the case for everyone unless you already know about a lung condition.

Battery Life

Battery life is excellent, like most fitness trackers.  I didn’t time the battery drain properly, but it lasts over a week between charges, with regular fitness tracking, so more than enough for my needs.

Other Features – Notifications etc

Realme Watch 2 review 1

The other features of the watch work well. The main one for me is notifications. These come through quickly and reliably.

Music control and camera control both work well too.

Price and Alternative Options

The Realme Watch 2 is priced at £49.99 and currently only available direct from Realme UK.

The Realme Watch 2 Pro is priced at £69.99

The original Realme watch is available on Amazon for £47.75, with almost no difference in price, you may as well get the 2nd generation watch with its superior battery.

The Huawei Watch Fit is available on Amazon for  £59.99

The Honor Band 5 is just £29.99, or the newer, more watch sized Honor Band 6 is £44.99


The Realme Watch 2 is good for an entry-level fitness tracker/smartwatch. It is affordable, the features work well, and the battery life is excellent.

The main issue it has is that it is a very saturated market, I’d argue the Honor Band 6 is a superior option. It may be called a band, but the overall size is more watch shaped. Huawei and Honor have a much-refined ecosystem with both the hardware itself and the Huawei Health app.

If you do any outdoor fitness, you would be better off with the Realme Watch 2 Pro, with its built-in GPS. While this watch is accurate when it retains a connection with your phone, I’d prefer the reliability of built-in GPS.

Overall, this does work well as far as cheap wearables go, and you really can’t complain too much considering the price, and I’d sooner buy this over the noname brands you find on Amazon.

Realme Watch 2 Review Rating


The Realme Watch 2 is a decent entry-level fitness tracker offering plenty of features for anyone wanting a smartwatch without the cost. The main downside it has is that other big-name brands offer a more refined solution at a similar price point.

  • Overall - 65%


  • Attractive price with few brand name fitness trackers having a smartwatch design at this price point (they are normally bands)
  • Plenty of fitness/health tracking features
  • Excellent battery life


  • Step counting is inaccurate
  • Assisted GPS requires you to mess about with permissions before it works properly

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