YOOATOM Origin 800 power station scaled

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Consumer electronics company Yooatom has announced it will be unveiling its innovative Origin 800 modular power system to the public for the first time at CES 2024.

Key Features of the Yooatom Origin 800 include:

Yooatom Origin 800
  • Modular design for the distribution and swapping of batteries for unlimited energy supply
  • AI Voice assistance for effortless hands-free control and convenience
  • Real-time status monitoring and customization through the user-friendly app
  • Wireless charging to eliminate the hassle of tangled cords
  • 13 output ports to accommodate all charging needs
  • LCD screen for easy and intuitive charge monitoring
  • Modular stacking accessory heating / cooling cup and lamp
  • Impressive 800W power capacity for reliable performance

Modular Design Offers Unlimited Expandability

Origin 800

The Origin 800 represents a significant shift in portable power solutions with its unique stackable and swappable modular design. The system is comprised of different modules – Power Stacks (batteries), Power Docks, and additional modules like a heater, fridge, and lamp. Users can mix and match modules to create customizable “energy vaults” that suit their specific power needs.

Additional modules can be added to expand capacity up to a massive 720W/225K mAh. The ability to swap depleted Power Stack modules for charged ones also enables unlimited runtime. This modular approach provides more flexibility and control over power supply compared to traditional stationary or non-modular designs.

Intelligent Features Enhance Portability

Yooatom Origin 800 1

Despite its robust expandability, the Origin 800 still retains an emphasis on portability. The Power Stack modules are compact standalone power banks that can charge devices on the go.

The entire system can be controlled through a smartphone app or voice commands. This allows users to easily monitor power levels and charging status, as well as enabling seamless power management while on the move.

Advanced software encoding also gives each module a unique ID for precise monitoring and smart power distribution between stacks.

Experience The Next Evolution of Portable Power

Yooatom is inviting CES 2024 attendees to visit their booth for an exclusive first-hand experience with the Origin 800.

Joe Lin, Yooatom’s CEO and Founder said: “We are excited to share our vision to empower everyone, everywhere through the creation of sharable modular power.”

“Modularity refers to the design approach where power stations are divided into flexible, expandable modules that can be easily shared among different users, helping promote the adoption of greener energy solutions.”

Empowering Greener Lifestyles

The Origin 800’s innovative approach aims to make renewable energy solutions more accessible. Features like solar charging, advanced cycling algorithms to prolong battery life, and portability to use clean power anywhere helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Yooatom states their goal is to pioneer green energy experiences that set benchmarks in the industry. The Origin 800 modular power system seems poised to deliver on that promise.

Attendees at CES 2024 can see first-hand how this revolutionary concept is redefining portable power. Live demos will be available at Yooatom’s booth (Westgate Hall, Tech East, #731-733).

The Origin 800 will launch at $519 MSRP. It will be available for purchase on Yooatom’s website after CES 2024.

Yooatom Origin 800 power station Specification

Battery TypeLiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Life Cycles2500+ Cycles to 80% Original capacity
ManagementBMS, MPPT Controller, etc
Inverter TypePure Sine Wave
Surge Power1600W
AC Outputs800W
USB-A Outputs18W
USB-C Outputs100W
Wireless Charging Pad10W
DC Outputs130W
AC Input100W (USB-C)
Solar Input200W max
Car Input130W
USB-C InputTwo-Way 100W
Max Input400W (Solar 200W + AC 100W + USB-C 100W)
AC Adapter Recharge Time7.6 hours
Solar Recharge TimeApprox 4 hours (with sufficient sunlight)
Car Recharge Time5.8 hours
Max Input Recharge Time1.9 hours (2x USB-C, Solar Input)
USB-C Recharge Time7.6 hours

About Yooatom

Yooatom, founded in 2020, focuses on delivering safe, portable, and innovative energy storage solutions. The company continues to pioneer advancements in the renewable energy space.

For more on Yooatom and the Origin 800 modular power station, visit their website.

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