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Today, Evnia by Philips introduced the latest addition to their 5000 series of gaming monitors, the Philips Evnia 27M2N5500 in Amsterdam. This new model brings together high performance, sustainability, and award-winning design, aimed at providing gamers with a superior experience. The 27-inch Fast IPS panel is set to redefine user expectations with its QHD resolution, rapid 180 Hz refresh rate, and advanced HDR capabilities.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Gaming

The Philips Evnia 27M2N5500 is built to cater to the needs of competitive and casual gamers alike. It boasts a Fast IPS panel that ensures vibrant visuals and fluid motion without compromising on responsiveness. With a grey-to-grey response time of just 1 ms and Motion Picture Response Time (MPRT) of 0.5 ms, it stands out for its ability to handle fast-paced action seamlessly. Additionally, this monitor is equipped with VESA DisplayHDR 400, supporting over a billion colours which enhance the gaming visuals to produce superior brightness and a wider colour palette.

The monitor’s technology is further enhanced by a 180 Hz refresh rate, significantly reducing input lag and virtually eliminating ghosting and blur in fast-moving games. Adaptive-Sync technology also helps in maintaining a smooth picture by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate with the output device’s frame rate.

Focused on Sustainability

In line with Philips’ commitment to sustainability, the 27M2N5500 incorporates several eco-friendly materials and design elements. The monitor’s stand features 35% recycled plastic, and its chassis consists of 85% post-consumer recycled plastic. Xeni Bairaktari, Head of Global Marketing & Deputy Director Marketing EU at Philips Monitors & IT Accessories, emphasized the brand’s drive towards environmental responsibility, stating that Philips aims to inspire meaningful change within the technology sector through sustainable practices.

Ergonomics and User Health

Understanding the importance of comfort during long gaming sessions, Philips has integrated various ergonomic and health-focused features into the 27M2N5500. The SmartErgoBase allows for multiple adjustments including height, pivot, swivel, and tilt to ensure optimal positioning and comfort. For eye health, the LowBlue Mode reduces harmful blue light exposure, and the monitor’s flicker-free technology minimizes eye strain during extended use.

The monitor also includes tailored game mode settings via the SmartImage game mode technology, enhancing the gaming experience based on different genres. These settings optimize performance and visual clarity, while the EasySelect menu toggle provides quick access to these options on the On-Screen Display (OSD).

Design Recognition

The design of the Philips Evnia 27M2N5500 has not only focused on performance and sustainability but also on aesthetic appeal, earning it the 2023 Red Dot and iF Design Awards. Its sleek, modern look complements any gaming setup and underscores Philips’ attention to detail and quality.

Pricing and Availability

The Philips Evnia 27M2N5500 is set to hit the shelves in May 2024 and will be available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of £239.99. This positions the monitor as an accessible option for gamers who are looking to upgrade their setups without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Specifications at a Glance:

Display27-inch Fast IPS panel
Refresh Rate180 Hz
Response Time0.5 ms MPRT, 1 ms GtG
HDRVESA DisplayHDR 400
Colour Support1.07 billion colours
Ergonomic AdjustmentsHeight, pivot, swivel, tilt
SustainabilityStand made with 35% recycled plastic, chassis made of 85% post-consumer recycled plastic
Awards2023 Red Dot, 2023 iF Design Award

The Philips Evnia 27M2N5500 represents a significant advancement in the integration of performance, aesthetic design, and sustainable manufacturing in gaming technology. This monitor is poised to set a new benchmark for what gamers can expect from their gaming equipment, prioritizing both environmental values and the needs of a high-performance gaming experience.

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