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Take Better Pictures With Your Mobile Phone

When it comes to smartphone photography, the addition of an auxiliary mobile lens can deliver incredible results.

It goes without saying that the majority of us use the camera on our smartphone on a regular basis. Whether it’s for day to day snaps that you upload to Instagram or to capture those once in a lifetime moments, a mobile phone is something that we can all reach for when we need it. It fits in your pocket or bag, is easy to operate and delivers great results. Sometimes though, you might want to elevate the quality of your smartphone photography. That’s where an auxiliary mobile lens comes in. Here’s everything that you need to know.

Why invest in a lens?

The smartphone camera has come on in leaps and bounds since it was introduced. Now the images that we capture with them can rival those taken with digital cameras. Sometimes though, there are areas where they still fall a little short. Rather than buying a new digital camera though, you can kit your phone out with a mobile lens. They’re easy to attach to your mobile phone, and in just a few minutes you could be taking pictures that look professional. Then it’s as simple as removing the lens to go back to using your phone normally again. Below you’ll find some of our favourites.

A lens that suits your style

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What lens you go for depends on what kind of photography you are interested in. Some are great for capturing images up close with lots of detail, while others are more suited to wide shots making them ideal for landscape photography. Think of the things that you already use your phone to photograph, or avenues that you’d like to pursue but haven’t been able to because of the limitations of your phone camera. The VicTsing 3-in-1 lens caters to a wide range of photographers with three lenses – macro, fish-eye and wide angle. So it will cover all bases.

Buying smart

With the demand for mobile lenses increasing in recent years, there’s now a huge amount to pick from. So choosing a mobile lens can be tough. For those on a smaller budget or just starting to experiment with photography, the AUKEY Optic Pro iPhone Lens is a solid choice. The Seek CompactPRO is a more expensive option, but does offer a broad range of features. So take your time to weigh up the pros and cons of different models. Second hand camera sites are a great option too, as it’s where many photographers will sell camera equipment that is still in great condition. It’s on sites like these you’ll be able to snap up lenses for a much lower price.

The easiest way to take your photography to the next level

It’s so easy to reach for the phone that is already in your pocket to take a photograph, and with an auxiliary mobile lens you will be able to improve that phone’s existing functions rather than invest in a totally new piece of equipment that you will have to carry around – and spend quite a bit of cash on. For convenience and value for money, it’s clear to see that adding a mobile lens to your phone is the easiest way to start taking professional quality photos.

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