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This is not an extensive review of the new E-Infinite Combokit power station as I am a UK blogger, and I have been sent a US power station.

E-infinite is a new brand on the market, I have only been able to find one website mentioning the new Combokit.

Specification & Features

  • 620Wh capacity
  • 600W inverter with 900W surge
  • Full charge in 100 minutes
  • Detachable flashlight handle
  • 100W solar charge input
  • 1-year warranty

In Use

E Infinite Combokit2

As I am based in the UK, my testing has been limited. I can’t charge the unit and I don’t fancy buying a step-down converter just to charge it. Nor do I have any US appliances to plug into it.

The label on the underside also indicates it is a beta prototype.

I had issues with the USB-C. My Pixel 6 wouldn’t register a charge off it and other phones struggled to draw more than 5W from it.

The USB-A ports work fine and the two fast-charge ports are limited to 18W.

I like the idea of the detachable handle with light and to some extent, it works OK. It has a microUSB for charging port and a USB-A port to charge the device. You would think when it is docked with the power station, it would automatically charge back up but this is not the case.

Price vs Jackery, EcoFlow and Anker PowerHouse

The RRP of the E-Infinite Combokit Power Station Mini is $779, and you can get an early bird discount of $210, taking it down to $569.

Buy the E-Infinite Combokit with an Early Bird Discount

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station is $529.99 but has slightly lower power at 518Wh.

The EcoFlow RIVER Max is 576Wh with an output of 600W (Surge 1200W) and is available for $599.

Or, there is the RIVER Pro with 720Wh for $649.

All the Jackery and EcoFlow power stations have a 2-year warranty.

The Anker PowerHouse 512Wh is $600 and uses superior battery technology and has a 5-year warranty or the Anker 545 (PowerHouse 778Wh) is $700 though this is only an 18-month warranty.

Comparison with Jackery, EcoFlow and Anker PowerHouse

As I have only been able to test this to a limited degree, I am having to rely on how this compares to competing products.

As highlighted above, the early bird pricing puts this in the same ballpark as plenty of excellent well-known options. The full RRP is ridiculous and I can’t see them ever selling it for that.

While I quite like the E-Infinite Combokit power station, there are a few things that put it at a disadvantage over the other brands:

  • 1 year warranty – This seems very limited for an expensive piece of technology. All the above brands have superior warranties.
  • Limited surge – All the other brands offer 2x the output for surge power, this only has a 50% overhead.
  • 100W solar input – Both Anker and Ecoflow can do 200W.


The E-Infinite Combokit in theory is a good power station when priced with the early bird discount. But it is not great.

The 620Wh capacity gives it a slight edge over the competition (price vs capacity). In particular, the overall specification is better than the similarly priced Jackery Explorer 500. I also like the built-in removable flashlight handle.

However, I had issues with the USB-C port which doesn’t fill me with hope for the overall experience long term.

It is worth remembering that this is a beta unit and potentially has teething issues.

Assuming everything did work OK, I think this is a tough sell when you already have plenty of other superb choices out there.

Due to the beta nature of this, it being US not UK and the other issues, I have not rated it.

Buy the E-Infinite Combokit with an Early Bird Discount

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