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Back when I was a child, all I got was my mum testing my temperature with her hand, thankfully that tradition seems to be dying out. Infrared thermometers seem to be the most common and accurate way of testing someone’s temperature. This is especially true for children.

Pretty much everything is getting a smart version nowadays, so it makes sense that the thermometer becomes one too.

This is exactly what the Oblumi tap is. A small accessory for your smartphone that measures your child’s (and adults) temperatures. You may think that seems like a pointless smartphone implementation, but it allows Oblumi to do several things that you may not do yourself. This includes:

  • Calculate the correct dosage for a fever.
  • Register all your data historically allowing it to me shared with a medical professional.
  • Multiple user profiles. If you have a lot of children in your house, this could be quite useful!
  • Send automatic temperate or medication notifications to select contacts
  • It will also check the temperature of liquid, so you can know if the baby bottle is just right.

I have a Nexus 6P, so the setup was on Android. It took a few minutes to get everything working and it was extremely simple. The device itself plugs into the headphone socket so it should be universally compatible (with a headphone adaptor for iPhone 7 users).

Once you are all setup you can create your profiles and start taking readings.

You can take the temperature via the forehead or via the ear. If you have ever taken someone’s temperature before, it is quite a simple process. As I don’t have children, I didn’t bother with the medication side of things, but you can add the weight and age of the child for an exact calculation of medicines.

Overall, the app is really nicely designed and very user-friendly, with the whole process being quite idiot proof.

It is priced at 50 Euros so around £40, which is about twice the cost of a normal IR child thermometer you can buy from Amazon. But I don’t think that is a huge markup considering the usefulness of the gadget. I know if I had a child, anything that makes these tasks a little easier would be well worth it.

You can buy the Tapp today directly from

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  1. Wow, what a clever new device. There’s definitely been some great inventions since the creation of the smartphones that can make life that much simpler. This is a definitely one such invention!

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