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Nvidia and their OEM partners ASUS and Acer announced a new range of monitors / TVs at CES this year. The Big Format Gaming (BFG) Displays have an impressive specification with an enormous 65-inch screen a resolution of 4K, HDR support and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, G-Sync and an Integrated Nvidia Shield Android TV.

At Nvidia’s Computex Press Conference the company stated that gamers could expect Nvidia’s BFGD’s to release at the end of the Summer, though the company has since clarified that they will launch before the end of 2018.

These new monitors are a gamers dream come true, and PC gamers will finally be able to game on a TV-sized display while having all the features of a gaming monitor.

ASUS has already revealed their first BFGD, the Republic of Gamers Swift PG65, a 65-inch 120Hz monitor with support for the DCI-P3 colour space and a peak brightness of 1,000 NITS with a Direct-Lit Full-Array LED backlight. Acer and HP have also revealed similar gaming displays called the Predator BFGD and the Omen X 65 BFGD.

Using Android Shield TV you will be able to use the display just like any other TV and it will have all the streaming services we use daily. It will be able to play all media at its native refresh rate including 23.976, 24, 25 or 30FPS/Hz formats. Though it is worth noting there is no tuner built in.

While we know the displays will launch this year, there is no word on pricing. The new 4K HDR 120Hz displays that have launched from Acer and Asus cost around $2,000 at just 27-inches in size. 65-inch 4k HDR TVs that hit over 1000nits of brightness start at just shy of £3000. So I would say these new displays are going to be painfully expensive.

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