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Have you been smoking joints for as long as you can remember but are starting to worry about if it’s damaging your lungs? Have you thought about vaping instead but don’t know if its actually better for you?

Dry herb vaporisers are the latest in long line of smoking devices that are transforming how people use and enjoy weed. They offer many benefits over smoking, including reducing the risk of lung damage which is one of the biggest worries a smoker has.

The marijuana industry has grown massively since the legalisation of marijuana for recreational use has come about in various places around the world. There are many businesses and online retailers, such as Demand Distribution, that are now selling a variety of products, including vaporizers. Many people started out with smoking joints but have begun to realise the different risks that come from smoking. It is said that using a dry herb vaporiser is better for your health. If you are wanting to switch over but aren’t sure why you should or if you there will be much of a difference, this is what you should know.

The heating process

Vaping is said to be much healthier than smoking. Do you know that when you smoke cannabis, the smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals? The vaporiser instead, heats up your dry herb without burning it to release the vapour which only has about 200 chemicals or less. Vaping is also much safer for the lunch since there is no combustion happening and there are less irritants released into the air.

When it comes to dry herb vaporisers, there are two different heating methods, but both make use of head into order to vaporise the marijuana to be inhaled. Conduction heating makes use of heated plates in the chamber. These heated places heat the marijuana to the temperature needed in order to vaporise its compounds.

Convection heating is much like that of a convection over and make use of heated air that circulates the chamber and the weed. This is a much more effective method and heats the product more evenly.

No wasted materials

When it comes to smoking a joint you have to use combustion which burns the marijuana. When marijuana is burned through combustions a lot of the cannabinoids aren’t activated meaning that you will get a much less portent high. You will also get less of the flavour that marijuana produces because the terpenes are also getting burnt.

When making use of convection vaporisers, there is absolutely no product that goes to waste. All of the potential cannabinoids are activated and you get much more flavour from each pull than you would with that of a joint.

You can change the high

On of the best parts about using a dry herb vaporiser is that you can change the experience you have or rather the kind of high you receive by changing the temperature settings on the device. When you make use of lower temperatures, far fewer cannabinoids are activated meaning that your session will has less effect on you and your high won’t be as strong. Alternatively, you could push the temperature up and get a much stronger high by activating all of the cannabinoids.

When smoking a joint you have no control over the temperature and therefore are stuck with whatever kind of high you get from it.

The high itself

If you are going to use a dry herb vaporiser, you will be in for a surprise because the high is a big different to that of a high you would get from smoking marijuana with methods of combustion. The different heating methods in conjunction with all the different temperature setting can give you a completely different kind of high that what you would expect just smoking a regular joint.

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