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Access points are always wired normally, but if wiring up your office (or home) is impractical, or cost-inefficient then the new WAC564 access point from Netgear could be the perfect solution.

Expanding their Insight range of networking gear, which is cloud managed from a user-friendly mobile app, the WAC564 is probably the first mesh WiFi access point to the market.

NETGEAR Insight Instant Mesh

NETGEAR Insight Instant Mesh combines two industry leading and innovative technologies: patented tri-band mesh WiFi and the Insight remote management platform. Instant Mesh supports NETGEAR’s commercial-grade, high-performance wireless access point, the WAC540, and the newly released mesh WiFi multi-mode access point WAC564.

With the use of the Insight App and a few taps of the screen, a network can be easily expanded to increase the coverage area by adding up to 5 units of WAC540 or WAC564. One of the five units will need to be designated as the root, which connects the WiFi network to the internet; and the other four units are named as extenders to expand the reach of the WiFi coverage. Either WAC540 or the WAC564 can be the root or the extender, configured by the user, or configured and optimised by Insight automatically. 

WAC540 and WAC564 can be used in a mix-and-match fashion, giving businesses the ultimate flexibility in network design and deployment. The WAC540 is ideal for businesses that run on WiFi networks. Its PoE feature and the industrial design are ideal for either ceiling mounting or wall-mounted placement. The WAC564, with its integrated 4-port gigabit Ethernet switch, designed for either desktop or wall mounting, is ideal for businesses that run on a mix of both WiFi and Ethernet networks.

NETGEAR Insight Instant Mesh WiFi Multi-mode Access Point (WAC564)

The WAC564 is industry’s first multi-mode WiFi access point that can perform as a root or an extender in a WiFi mesh network, or a powerful stand-alone WiFi access point.  With its integrated 4-port gigabit Ethernet switch, businesses can now expand their wired and wireless networks seamlessly, supporting multiple unified SSIDs and VLANs.

In Access Point mode, enjoy the powerful AC3000 tri-band WiFi for your business.  The WAC564 includes three separate radios – a 2.4GHz and two 5GHz (low and high frequency bands) – bringing a total of 3Gbps throughput to any WiFi devices. The WAC564 offers advanced and easy-to-manage WiFi features such as band-steering, beamforming, load balancing, airtime fairness, and advanced roaming.

In Mesh Extender mode, each WAC564 connects over the air to the WAC564 or WAC540, creating an instant WiFi mesh network of one root and multiple extenders that quadruples the range of coverage with unified SSID and VLAN settings, providing the ultimate secure WiFi experience for any business. 

The WAC564 helps small businesses expand the network and provide powerful WiFi services:

  • Nearby rooms where cabling is not available and in range of current WiFi reception
  • Rented or temporary spaces
  • Neighboring office building[1]
  • Any situation where cables cannot be run

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