Mothers Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s day for 2022 will be on the 27th of March. My Mother will be lucky if she gets some cheap supermarket flowers from me. But if you are a bit more generous than that and want to buy something a little different than the generic flowers and chocolate, then this tech gift guide may help.

Withings ScanWatch

Scanwatch review 2

I recently reviewed the Withings ScanWatch, and it is a fantastic health-tracking smartwatch with an elegant classic analogue design. It is not cheap, but the health tracking features such as the ECG become increasingly useful as you get a bit older.

The Withings ScanWatch comes in a range of elegant designs, and the 38mm models come in beautiful feminine colours, including rose gold with a white face and grey strap or rose gold with a blue face and strap.

Ember Mug2

Ember Mug2 Review

I use my Ember mug every day, and I love it. If your Mother is a keen tea or coffee drinker and perhaps has a tendency to let it go cold, then the Ember is a perfect gift. You get around a 90 min charge, and the battery recharges when you place it on its coaster. You can then adjust the temperature via the app, allowing you to have the ideal temperature based for whatever you are drinking.

The metallic colours also look amazing.

Sous Vide Machine

I reviewed the Anova Sous-Vide Precision Cooker a couple of years ago, and it has been one of my favourite gadgets in the past couple of years. As fancy as sous-vide sounds, it is quite a simple concept. You cook your food in vacuum bags which are immersed in a bath of water kept at the desired final temperature. This allows you to cook the food for extended periods of time without overheating it and drying it out. 

I will never cook roast beef any other way now. It is perfect every time and incredibly easy to do.

I ended up buying my Mother a cheaper none-smart alternative for Christmas, and she has been equally impressed with it.

Bluetooth Tracker

Everyone loses their keys from time to time, and a Bluetooth tracker is the best solution to this problem. They are quite affordable, too, you can pick up a Tile Pro for £17 or the 2022 Tile Mate for £20.

Alternatively, there is the Tile Slim which can slip into a purse or wallet and the Tile Sticker, which is a small tracker that can stick to things like remotes or a pet’s collar.


While I can appreciate that some people still love real books, I think that a Kindle is a must-have tech purchase for anyone that likes to read. They are so convenient, and you can normally pick up Kindle books considerably cheaper than the physical thing. Mine lives by my bedside, but they are perfect for travelling too, giving you unlimited access to books while barely taking up any space.

Robot Vacuum

Ecovacs Deebot N8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

I am not sure how much my Mum would appreciate me buying her an upright vacuum for Mother’s day, but I think a robot vacuum would go down well. I have recently reviewed several LiDAR-based vacuums that have the ability to map out rooms precisely and clean each room without getting stuck or lost. They are so much better than the older models that bounce around randomly.

I think anyone would love a gift that allows them to do less housework.

Smart Lights and/or Smart Plugs

I am not sure my Mum would immediately appreciate me giving her smart lights or plugs, but I bet that when I set them up, she’d love them. Being able to switch your bedroom lights on or off while still in bed is a luxury that I think most people could appreciate.

I also have my hallway lights linked to motion sensors, so when I get up at night or early in the morning, I am not fumbling around for light switches.

Digital Picture Frame

I never used to be a big fan of digital picture frames. I didn’t like how the bright digital displays looked like a laptop screen, it just made them seem cheap and nasty.

However, some brands have developed much more natural-looking frames, and I have since become a convert.

Aura Frames are the best frames I have personally used. They are not cheap; the most affordable Aura Carver is around £150. However, the matte display and attractive frame make these look like a normal photo frame.

If you are feeling more generous, there is the Netgear Meural range of frames. I have not reviewed one, but I did see them at MWC, and I literally couldn’t tell that I was looking at a digital picture.

These are larger format frames going from 15 to 27 inches, with the most affordable being £340.

Indoor Garden

Indoor hydroponic gardens are something else I am a recent fan of. Late last year, I reviewed the Akarina 01 Grow-Light System, I didn’t think I would like it, but I am still using it now to grow tomatoes. They are great for growing herbs and perfect for anyone that has a habit of neglecting and killing their plants.

Coffee Machine

Coffee machines can be affordable or incredibly expensive, but if your Mother likes coffee and she is drinking instant, then a coffee machine will be a massive upgrade.

I personally use a filter coffee machine. Partly because I am too cheap to buy an expensive machine, but also because I am too lazy to keep going downstairs to make a coffee when I want one in the morning. I set up my machine to auto-start in the morning, and the jug is good to fill several cups worth using my Ember Mug2.

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