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The Logitech MX Sound speakers are an affordable pair of computer speakers that offer Bluetooth connectivity as well as the usual AUX.

Priced at £74.99, they are in the same price bracket as our recently reviewed Edifier R1010BT speakers and offered the same peak volume of 24 W peak/12 W RMS.

The design between the two speakers is vastly different though, with the Edifier being a very traditional wooden box design and rather large, while the Logitech is a modern circular design but in a stereotypical black plastic found on many computer speakers.

The Logitech is more attractive, and they are considerably smaller in size (16 x 18 x 9 cm) which makes them far more desk friendly. They are not as small as the stereo speakers from my Acoustic Energy Aego M 2.1, but they still fit nicely under my two side monitors.

Set up is quite straightforward, there is just a power cable to connect, then the speakers are connected via a 1-male RCA cable. Unfortunately, Logitech has physically attached the cable to the left speaker, so changing it or upgrading it will be hard. The input is surrounded and held in place with a rubber coating, so if you needed a longer cable, or to fix it, it is likely possible to do.

The controls for the speakers are located in the powered right speaker, and they are touch controls which light up behind the mesh grill. The controls are motion activated so when you hand gets near them; they light up. Sometimes touch controls can be more of a nuisance than a benefit, but thankfully these are easy to use and responsive.

Being a 2.0 system there is no sub, and the bass ports are located on each speaker protruding out as a second semi-circular shape and act as a stand to keep the speaker from rolling over.

Pairing the speakers is simple as usual, they automatically went into pairing mode when I first connected them, but you can just hold the Bluetooth logo to enable pairing mode if required.


The speakers do an excellent job with what they are equipped with; they offer a pleasant sound with good stereo separation and a vibrant soundstage. Mids to highs are handled well, but the speakers lean towards being more bassy, and there is no bass control for them like the Edifier. I have no problem with bass-heavy speakers, especially PC speakers as they are good for games. The problem is the lack of a subwoofer means the bass can struggle at times, once the volume goes up, or a particularly deep bass note occurs there can be a little distortion. Keeping the volume at a more moderate level, they can handle bass quite well, and provide a well-rounded sound. The problem is that because they are small, the bass drivers can’t push as much air as the larger Edifier, which is also while a subwoofer offers better performance. Larger is generally better when it comes to speakers.


For the price these are good, being a PC speaker I particularly like the fact that is not too large. As an audio upgrade for your PC, these make an excellent affordable choice and will perform well in games. If you want something for music that can fill a room with good bass then a larger pair would provide a superior sound.

Logitech MX Sound
  • Price - 88%
  • Sound Quality - 70%
  • Design - 80%

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