Logitech for Creators Blue Sona Review

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The new Logitech for Creators Blue Sona is an active dynamic XLR microphone with a supercardioid pickup pattern that is optimised for broadcasting, such as podcasting and streaming.

This is a product that has been developed specifically for the new Logitech for Creators brand and represents the flagship product microphone product within that brand. It is tuned by Blue, but it doesn’t come specifically within the Blue range of microphones. Blue then also have a variety of high-end gear aimed towards the higher end of the professional market.

This is an active dynamic microphone, it has its own built-in amp, which eliminates the need for a gain booster. You will still need to provide 24 or 48V phantom power from an audio interface to drive the ClearAmp correctly, just like a condenser microphone.

Specification / Features

  • Transducer Type: Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz–18kHz
  • Sensitivity: 20.97 mV/Pa @ 1KHz
  • THD+N: 0.06% @ 1kHz, 94 dBSPL
  • Signal-to-Noise: 69.9 dB A-wt.
  • Max SPL: 129 dBSPL @ 1% THD, 138 dBSPL @ 5% THD
  • Power Requirement: +24V or +48V phantom power


This is an XLR microphone, so it will need an audio interface. During the briefing for this product, Logitech pointed out that this will happily work worth more affordable choices and does not require an external mic booster due to the built-in ClearAmp.

I tested this with the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, which is very much on the affordable end of the spectrum.

Logitech for Creators Blue Sona Review2

I love the way this microphone is designed; it is much less cumbersome than my 512 Audio Skylight XLR microphone I have been using. It is much easier to screw onto the boom arm, and then you also have 290-degree swivel giving you complete freedom on how you want to mount it.

Logitech for Creators Blue Sona Review4

You can customise the sound slightly using the two switches on the rear of the microphone. The bass cut reduces bass, raising the mids, while the presence switch will provide a warmer sound profile.


Logitech for Creators Blue Sona Review3

This has a dual-diaphragm capsule and supercardioid pickup pattern, and Logitech was keen to point out how they narrowed the pickup area to minimise unwanted noise. The downside to this is that its directional performance means you need to be in line with the microphone for the best quality sound.

The microphone has a windscreen pre-mounted, and you get a spare in a different colour within the box. It also has a built-in shock mount, eliminating the need to buy one and again reducing the cost of ownership.

In my scenario, due to my stupidly large desk and monitors, I had my boom arm mounted at the rear of my desk with the microphone coming down to the right of me. The microphone in this position still worked quite well, but it wasn’t ideal. I probably need to invest in a lower-profile arm that I can squeeze under my wall-mounted monitor so I can have the microphone directly in front of me.

Adjusting my seating position slightly, I was able to get a better spot to make the most of the microphone.

With the microphone positioned correctly, the pickup is excellent, and there is almost no background noise that gets picked up. I don’t have a particularly noisy working environment, but the hum of my computer is mildly annoying to me, and you can occasionally hear traffic, none of which you want whilst recording audio.

The microphone is reasonably close to my keyboard, and it reduced the noise but didn’t eliminate it. I tested typing with both my quiet JamesDonkey RS2 with linear Gateron G Pro Red keys and my Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB with Cherry Blue switches. As you’d expect, the clicky Blue switches are much more noticeable, but it is not too intrusive.

The built-in shock mount works reasonably well, too. Tapping onto the boom arm in various places produced some low-end thumping but lacked the lingering echoing that the 512 Audio Skylight suffered from when I did the same test on that.

I don’t have the best voice in the world with my mumbling northern drawl, and it is one of the reasons why I like to have a half-decent microphone, even though I only use it for Zoom and Teams. Poor-quality audio makes it harder for people to understand me.

I found that the presence switch provided a noticeable improvement in the quality of my voice. It makes things sound warmer and takes a bit of the gruffness out of my voice.

Logitech for Creators Blue Sona using default sound
Logitech for Creators Blue Sona using the presence toggle

Price and Alternative Options

The Logitech for Creators Blue Sona is launching for £299 and is available to pre-order now with delivery from the 28th of September. You can also pick it up with the new Litra Beam Keylight for £398.99 in total.

This puts it up at the higher end of the pricing vs many competing products. But, I think the overall quality justifies this price, and you have the built-in shock mount and ClearAmp as well as the included windscreen, all of which reduce the total cost.

This is likely aimed at the incredibly popular and universally well-reviewed Shure SM7B vocal dynamic microphone, which is around £390 on Amazon.

Or there is the more affordable Shure MV7X XLR Podcast Microphone at £157.

The 512 Audio Limelight is a dynamic vocal XLR microphone at £120, though I have been using the 512 Audio Skylight for all my virtual meetings, which is a large diaphragm condenser XLR microphone at £162.


The Blue Sona is a superb podcast and streamer-focused microphone. The wide range of technology and features built into it make it both easy to set up and more affordable than the purchase price suggests.

It provides a rich deep sound, and the highly focussed supercardioid pickup pattern ensures an extremely low floor noise. I am neither a steamer nor a podcaster, but the ability to have a good quality voice with little to no background noise is extremely important in a world of virtual meetings.

Logitech for Creators Blue Sona XLR Microphone Review Rating


The Blue Sona is a superb podcast and streamer-focused microphone. The wide range of technology and features built into it make it both easy to set up and more affordable than the purchase price suggests.

  • Overall - 85%

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