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We have reviewed a few tablet cases recently and today we have the Kensington KeyFolio Exact for you. This case ups the ante quite a bit and is a folio style case with a bluetooth keyboard which currently retails at £119.99 on the Kensignton website.

At nearly £120 this is not aimed at your casual iPad user but more like your power business user that is using the tablet as a laptop replacement. The first thing I noticed when I received the Keyfolio is just how heavy the box is, immediately I knew this was going to add a fair bit of bulk to my iPad.

Once we got the Keyfolio out we could see just how business orientated it was, there are no fancy colour here, everything is black, the outer shell is a rubbery tough feeling plastic and the Bluetooth keyboard uses chicklet style keys that you will be used to if you use a Mac Book or Sony Laptop. Overall the build quality seems exceptional, and it looks like it will protect your iPad perfectly well. According to the data sheet the product weighs 0.83kg or 1.83lbs for anyone reading in the states.  In comparison the actual iPad weights .47kg (1lb) so you are adding nearly twice its weight. This may seem like a lot of weight but I don’t think this case is aimed at users that carry it around for casual browsing and reading. This is better suited in an office or classroom where a laptop maybe an alternative option. In comparison the 13” MacBook air weighs 1.35 kg (2.96lbs) which is marginally heavier than an iPad + Keyfolio.

One the Folio itself there is a magnetic closure to keep it closed and then a series of magnets that work with the iPad Air side of the folio to let it adjust to a number of varying angles, particularly when the keyboard is removed.

The keyboard is clearly the standout feature of the Folio and it is excellent, it is a standard keyboard layout with keys sized and spaced well enough that I was able to type without any restrictions what so ever (though I do have quite small hands). On the top row there are media keys which can control music play back, Siri or bring upa  virtual keyboard on screen.

The keyboard is also removable to if you are at home and don’t want to use the case you can set it up exactly how you want it.

Pairing is as you might expect, you have to type a code on the screen to connect devices.

Charging is handled by a micro-USB cable, which is slightly ironic as Apple uses a lightening connecter. We prefer micro USB though as spare cables are so cheap.

Overall we found this an excellent case, it is probably over the top for casual users and not particularly the best looking case. If you are a commuter or student it would be perfect allowing you to improve your productivity considerably compared to screen typing.

You can buy a Kefolio Exact for iPad Air for here

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