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Nearly a year ago I reviewed the excellent Eufy RoboVac 11, priced at £210 it was considerably cheaper than competitors such as Roomba. It didn’t have any smart controls, but I never felt that I missed them as it happily did its thing without any input from me.

Recently I have been checking out the RoboVac 11s Max, so this is an upgraded version of the slim 11s variant.

The older RoboVac 11S T2108 used to have a suction rating of 1300pa while the new 11S Max T2126 can achieve 2000pa. The RoboVac 11 I reviewed had just 1000pa.

The older models had a 3-layer separate filter that was not washable, this has now been upgraded to an integrated washable filter.

The mouth of the RobocVac has been designed to improve dust collection and minimise blockages.

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Design and Build

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From a cursory glance, there is no design differences between this and the RoboVac 11 I have previously reviewed, even though this is the slim model.

Taking a look at the spec sheet from eufylife.com the 11 has a height of 7.8cm and the 11s has a height of 7.24cm. So 56mm difference.

The new 11s Max retains the same height and overall dimensions, so when comparing visually, there really isn’t much difference to see, however, when it comes to squeezing under furniture every last mm counts.

IMG 20190712 162839

With the previous review, I was impressed with how little the vacuum got stuck on things and the new 11s Max should be better with a climbing height of 1.6cm vs the 1.5cm of the RoboVac 11.

So this is almost identical to the 11s from the outside, it is the maximum suction, mouth design and filter than have been massively improved.

IMG 20190712 162924


The works identically to the previous review. There is no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth, no app. You get a remote and a button on top of the vacuum. Most of the time I just use the button on top, but the remote also includes a high suction mode for anything that is grubbier than standard.

Just like the last review, even though it has no fancy mapping functions, the RoboVac 11s happily negotiates around a room without getting stuck. I find it best to start it off and close the door, so you know it has thoroughly done a room rather than wandered off around the rest of the house.

I have wires and gadgets everywhere, while I try and keep the floor clutter-free, there are always things that could potentially cause issues for it. However, I found that it happily negotiated around my home and rarely got caught on anything.

If I am honest, making an objective performance comparison between this model and the older Eufy RoboVac 11 I have reviewed is difficult. This model has double the suction power from the 11 and 54% more suction than the 11s. I wouldn’t know how to scientifically test this, but subjectively it does an excellent job. Leaving it to vacuum a room results in a relatively full dust compartment, so it is clearly doing its job.

The washable filter is another feature that is new on this, this will be quite useful for long terms cost savings, plus it is good for the environment.

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The RoboVac 11S MAX has an RRP of £239.99 whereas the older 11S normally sells for £209.99, so for £30 extra I would say this is worth it for the increased suction and being able to wash your filter.

At the time of writing, it is Prime Day and the older 11S is just £146.99 so if I were buying today, I would probably go with that model


I loved the Eufy RoboVac 11 and this is the same, but better. It is slimmer, double the suction, and has washable filters so I inevitably like it. While I still semi-regularly use my ultra expensive Vorwerk Kobold to make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly, using a robot vacuum allows me to maintain a moderate level of cleanliness around my home throughout the week with minimum work on my behalf.

While having increase suction is obviously a big advantage, long term it is probably the washable filters that are the best upgrade here. It looks like it cost £7 for two filters for the older models or £20 for 6 plus side brushes via a third-party company. So not a lot of money, but anything that reduces the long-term costs and maintenance is always a good thing. These filters are cheap now, but you don’t know how much they will be or their availability long term.

Eufy RoboVac 11S Max Review Summary


54% increased function compared the 11S, and double the suction compared to the 11 as well as washable filters for no cost hassle-free maintenance.
Overall, this is a solid upgrade from the previous generations for a small additional cost.

  • Price - 88%
  • Performance - 85%

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