Huawei Health to strava sync

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The Huawei and Honor range of wearables are some of the best on the market; they are priced well, look great, have incredible battery life and have superb features for the price, including accurate fitness trackings.

However, there is one major flaw to them. Anyone half-serious about running, cycling or outdoor fitness, in general, will likely use Strava or other platforms, so they can easily share activities with friends, analyse performance and have a historical record of all the activities regardless of the device used.

It is the main reason why I have never committed to wearing one of the Huawei Watch GT models.

It turns out there is a way around it. There are a couple of apps that will allow you to sync your data between platforms. This includes syncing from Huawei Health to Strava.

The first app I tried was Fitness Syncer, which I think DC Rainmaker recommended, but it requires you to use the Samsung Health app too.

The 2nd is a little newer and called Health Sync. It is quite simple, and I wouldn’t say it works 100% perfectly, but it is the best way to get your data syncing I have tried.

This app is not 100%n free to use, you get 8-days free use, then there is the option for a one-off £2.69 payment or £0.69 every six months.

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How to use Health Sync to sync from Huawei Health to Strava?

  1. Download Health Sync
  2. Follow on the onscreen instructions
  3. Select Huawei Health as your source data – this will redirect to permissions pages where you can select all the options; you may need to log in with your Huawei account.
  4. Select Strava as your destination – Again, you will need to login and authorise the connection
  5. Depending on your phone, you may need to disable battery optimisation for the auto-sync (I did with my Huawei P30 Pro)
  6. If it the first time using it, you can force a sync by hitting the sync button at the bottom.

It seems to only sync recent activities, so don’t expect it to sync months worth of your data

There is no way to manually select what to sync, so for example, you can’t sync months back, but also you will also end up syncing every activity, which you may not be bothered about posting to Strava.

Overall, it seems like a great app and well worth the £2.69. With this, you can basically have the same sort of functionality as a much more expensive Garmin watch and a better-looking watch, too (the Huawei Watch GT2 is a great choice).

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  1. Thanks for your Health Sync review. Just to clarify: you can sync all data in the past also. This is done with the historical data menu (not available during the free trial period).

    1. How? It worked for a few days. Then I bought the app. Then it worked for a few more days back. Then it synced half of one ride. And the day before that it synced only the time, but no location data. Please help me to rectify.

  2. When transferring to Strava, does it include maps once successfully synced? What specifically can you sync? Thanks

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