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Let’s face it; we didn’t need a global pandemic to show us how much we rely on our devices and how much time we spend online. However, what it did do was greatly increase our use of the internet, with people working from home and video conferencing, sharing files or being put on furlough and relying on fast broadband to stream box sets.

Unfortunately, with the rise of online usage, there has also been a rise in cybercrime. It’s why, now, more than ever, it is important to keep all your devices protected. If you can do it all in one go, then even better.

The right protection is VPN protection

A VPN (short for virtual private network) is fast becoming one of the most popular tools in the battle against cybercrime. By taking away any traces of your IP address and setting you up to log in from a server somewhere else, online hackers will have no chance of getting any of your information. The best VPNs will have various servers across the world for you to select and come with high-end security encryption, putting even more hurdles in front of a hacker. While you can download a VPN on to your device, there is actually an even easier way – just get a VPN router instead.

One router, a whole lot of protection

A VPN can offer a lot of extra features compared to other security software, but with a router, things are even easier. We’ve found perhaps one of the best places for more information about the benefits of a VPN on router, along with insight on cybercrime news and a portfolio full of useful equipment.

Instead of having to toggle a VPN on each time you use it, you’ll automatically be connected to one of the servers via the router. So, whichever device you’re using in the house, you’ll immediately be protected. It’s not just for laptops and smartphones either, it works for smart TVs and gaming consoles, too. Even if you’ve got a Nest or Hive connected – anything hooked up to the router is going to benefit from the VPN’s stringent security. Hackers won’t be able to glean any information from you, such as banking details or passwords… or the temperature of your home.

A total network kill switch is also a handy extra for any VPN. If the VPN detects anything bad or the server is interrupted or fails, it ‘kills’ all connectivity, even your original connections. That way your original IP address is never exposed. This is particularly useful if you have multiple people in the house on various devices as the router VPN will provide that cover for everyone. In the event, if it ever happens, no one will complain that the internet just cut out but instead will be thankful their online identities have been kept safe.

VPNs are also very handy in opening up your access to more online content. This is especially true in apps like Netflix. All the time we hear about new shows or movies, read about them online, only to find out they’re available in the US. And you can’t access them from your Netflix. By selecting a US server, you can open up more of Netflix’s library than you could before. Better yet, as the VPN is on the router, all devices and smart TVs will automatically connect so everyone can enjoy more viewing pleasure without having to choose servers themselves individually.

A common misconception is that VPNs slow down your connectivity speeds. This is not the case when you’re using a proven, reliable VPN router because in actual fact you’re connecting to super-fast servers. While you’ll be able to hide your IP address from your internet service provider and stop them from controlling your speed, you’ll also be able to use the VPN server’s speeds. With all devices connected via the router, you may as well just have a Zoom dinner because the speed will be that fast it’ll be quicker than getting everyone to the table.

Stay home, stay safe

We never know what the future holds. It’s likely that 2021 will still see a lot more home working, which means an increase in internet use and more cybercriminals trying to ruin it for everyone else. At least with a VPN router, you can protect everyone in the household and work safely. And stream those box sets safely too, though this time with access to even more great shows.

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