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There can be very few people who don’t appreciate a great deal; however, it’s important to distinguish between making a purchase because it’s a bargain, and getting money off the goods we actually want. We’re often too blinded by the promise of a discount to realise we’re not saving any money at all. Perhaps we just didn’t know we needed that particular product until it had 20% off… We as consumers need to wake up to the potential of discounts, and become a little savvier, too.

So, how do you get up to 50% off the goods you actually want?

Look out for the sales

Perhaps most obviously, look out for sales. You can’t expect to find savings without putting in any legwork, after all. Get used to clipping coupons or perusing your favourite shops and retail sites for upcoming offers, and make a note of trends. Do certain brands tend to host their sales on particular days? If so, start shopping for the goods you want at that time of the week. Acting less spontaneously will no doubt save you money, too.

Sign up for an account with Wedosavings

Wedosavings is a UK-based company for UK consumers. This coupon, discount code and price comparison website and app uses a powerful algorithm to gather the very best deals from across the industry, and offers those savings directly to its members. Whether it’s offering great deals on experiences and products or pinging alerts for discounts at the high street stores you frequent, Wedosavings takes the hassle out of searching for discounts. Its interface is interactive and customisable, ensuring you receive only the deals that matter, often with up to 50% off. The WeDoSavings reviews certainly speak for themselves.

Write a wish list

Much like a shopping list, a wish list will help you to identify the things you actually want, and make you more likely to focus your attention on the goods you want rather than spending for savings sake. Wedosavings is free to join, but offers a direct debit for just £9.99 per month. This enhanced account allows members to specify the goods they actually want, and filters out any unnecessary deals. Voila! You’ll save up to 50% on the goods you actually want, with the power to browse all manner of coupons and discounts.

If you don’t ask…

You know the saying, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get?’ It works remarkably well in retail, even if many of us are too polite to ever go through with asking. In fact, you’d be surprised how many shops have a discount policy! Asking about discounts may alert you to upcoming sales, even if there are no immediate savings to be had.

Balance loyalty and variety

They say that it pays to shop around, and that variety is the spice of life. Those same ‘they’ also say that brand loyalty reaps its own rewards. So, which is right? If you’re hoping to score up to 50% on your favourite products then a bit of both goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to scope out competitor brands and products in the search of a bargain. Similarly, make sure you’re signed up for loyalty schemes, e-newsletters and social media pages for your favourite brands. Retailers and manufacturers will often advertise big savings via these methods.

Discount shopping can be something of a minefield, throwing up seemingly great bargains with more than their share of catches. However, it’s easier than you might of thought to target the product you actually want to buy, and get a fantastic saving, too. A membership with Wedosavings will ensure you’re only ever sent the deals that matter most to you, with absolutely no obligation to buy anything. With huge savings on those products you can’t lose, either. That’s how you get up to 50% off goods you actually want!

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