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The Garmin Forerunner 935 has been one of the popular models in the Garmin lineup for the past year, offering many of the feature found in the Fenix lineup without the added cost. Many of the other models in the Garmin range have been updated, and now it is finally time for the Forerunner 945 to launch.

The fresh round of speculation has been fueled by a post on the Garmin forums (which has since been deleted) by a user named @axlb. Whilst the post has been removed, a Reddit post has links to the image.

Initial reports suggest it should be released before the end of May and FFC documents have been filled for the new device.

The German version of the Garmin site has accidentally leaked a product image which shows that the design has been updated to be a bit sleeker while retaining overall design.

As you would expect, it is will introduce a lot of the smart features found on some of the other devices includes NFC payments and a Music version.

Other images have been leaked which include a new FirtBeat feature which offers a range of features including race time predictor which will typically extrapolate your performance from one race or workout and apply it to a target race distance.

One of the images also indicates that maps will be built into the watch, so this will still continue to be an excellent Fenix alternative.

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