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I don’t have extensive experience with dry herb vaporisers, but I have previously reviewed the Zeus Arc GTS Hub, which I quite like, but I ended up using the XMax V3 Pro as my personal choice.

The Tronian Milatron is the latest launch from Tronian / TVAPE, and it is marketed as the budget beast. That’s a big claim to make when the XMax is quite a bit cheaper…

Reddit Vaporents & TVAPE

Just like my previous post, I feel the need to highlight that the Reddit users over at  r/vaporents are not too fond of TVAPE with accusations of paid reviews and poor products.

TVAPE provided this vaporiser, the Utlillian 2 and a glass bubbler free of charge, but they have not incentivised my review in any other way nor suggested that I should post them a positive review.

Even the links I have used are not affiliate links (but

Tronian Milatron Specification

  • BATTERY 2300 mAh
  • CONTROL Buttons
  • HEAT TIME 25 seconds
  • TEMPERATURE 160°C – 240°C
  • WARRANTY 1 Year TVape Warranty
  • MATERIALS Stainless Steel Airpath Tube, Anodized Aluminium Heating Chamber, Stainless Steel Screen, Ceramic filter

Tronian Milatron vs XMax V3 Pro

Tronian Milatron vs XMax V3 Pro Vaporiser Pen Review1

When I originally saw a picture of the Tronian Milatron, I immediately thought it was going to be a clone of the XMax V3 Pro. I guess it is to some extent they are very similar, but there are a few differences.

  • The Tronian Milatron has a different temperature range of 160°C – 240°C vs 100°C – 220°C.
  • The Tronian Milatron has a screw-on mouthpiece whereas the XMax is magnetic, and I find it annoyingly easy to knock off. The one advantage of the XMax is the built-in scraping tool.
  • The XMax V3 Pro has a swappable 2600 mAh battery, whereas the Tronian Milatron is 2300 mAh. The one issue I have with the XMax V3 Pro is that my sister is a clutz and keeps dropping it and the battery and back piece always end up getting knocked out.
  • The Tronian Milatron takes roughly 16 seconds to get to 160°C and just under 40 seconds to get to 240°C. XMax quotes 15 seconds, but when I times it, it took 23 seconds to get to 200°C.
  • The Tronian Milatron has a wider bowl.
  • The Tronian Milatron uses a hybrid heating system that combines conduction with convection, whereas the XMax is convection only.
  • XMax has an on-demand mode, though I don’t think I have ever used it.
  • The XMax comes with a wax cup.

Design / Build

The Tronian Milatron is shorter and thicker than the XMax and the lid screws on. I find this a superior design if you plan on carrying it around in your pocket or anywhere really.

The herb chamber is quite a bit wider than the XMax, which seems to be beneficial.

The power button requires five presses rather than three and beyond that XMax needs.

Then when it powers up, you have the two temperature buttons, and the screen displays the target temp, current temp, and time it has taken to heat.

Overall, there is very little difference between the XMax, but I do prefer the overall design of the Tronian, especially the screw-on lid and wider chamber.

In Use

Tronian Milatron vs XMax V3 Pro Vaporiser Pen Review2

I find the overall experience of the Tronian Milatron to be very similar to the XMax V3 Pro. Maybe I am not enough of a connoisseur to appreciate the differences.

I have had some issues with airflow with the XMax. I found that it is very easy to pack the herb too tight and restrict airflow. I haven’t experienced the same issue with the Tronian Milatron. I think this was likely a lack of experience on my part when I started using the XMax, but I suspect the wider bowl helps with the airflow.

When the airflow is good with the XMax, I find that it seems to come out smoother than the Tronian. The airflow is audibly noisier with the Tronian, as if it is being restricted a little. However, the overall result is good for both devices.

Even though the Tronian has a smaller battery, I haven’t noticed much difference in the battery life.

As I don’t actually like smoking, I have used the glass bubbler with the XMax and glass mouthpiece in an attempt to reduce the harshness of the hot vape. At the time of writing, there seems to be no accessories like this for the Tronian Milatron. The glass bubbler I was sent works on the Utlillian 2.

Price and Alternative

The Tronian Milatron is priced at £115.99, and you can get a free grinder with it, which they claim to be worth £27.

The XMax V3 Pro is available for as little as £73 (I have bought it twice at this price over the year, so this is the regular price).

The XMAX Starry v3 is just £65

Reddit also recommends the Arizer Go, which is a similar price to the Milatron at £126 and is available via TVAPE.


I do like the Tronian Milatron, it works well for me, and I find the screw-on cap is a big plus point compared to my XMax V3 Pro.

I have found myself using it more than the XMax V3 Pro, and I think that anyone buying it would be happy with it.

However, it is marketing as the budget beast, yet the XMax V3 Pro has an RRP of around £100, £15 cheaper. You can also pick it up for as low as £73. Furthermore, the XMax V3 Pro has loads of accessories you can get, including a glass mouthpiece, bubbler, and dosing capsules. It also has an easily replaceable 2600 mAh battery. So, I feel like the XMax V3 Pro is more of a budget beast than the Tronian Milatron.

Tronian Milatron Review Rating


I like the Tronian Milatron, it works well for me, and I find the screw-on cap is a big plus point compared to my XMax V3 Pro.

  • Overall - 75%


  • Good overall design with screw on mouth peice
  • Wide bowl
  • Good overall performance


  • Battery not removable
  • No accessories (yet)
  • Too expensive vs XMax V3 Pro

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  1. If it were the same price as the v3 pro I’d get one. I like conduction vapes so if this is a hybrid I’d like to see how the vapor is compared with the xmax. It’s the non compatibility with a water piece that bothers me the most, as this aspect is covered with the xmax accessories available. Do you know if there is any cooling in the milatron mouthpiece (there is a ceramic cooler in the xmax)?

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