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Good home lighting not only brightens up your household but also reflects your good taste and makes a good impression on your friends. And you can take the vibe of your house to the next level if you have total control over your residence’s lighting.

Imagine entering your home and finding it to be light, with perhaps a few pieces of furniture scattered about, some trendy wall art hanging on the freshly painted walls, and a money plant next to the kitchen corner— with just a few clicks on your smartphone, a controllable lighting system could completely alter the ambience of this drawing room.

However, a smart lighting system can cost quite a buck compared to a traditional lighting system. Plus, you’d want your bulbs to be eco-friendly and energy-efficient. You should also consider the colour range and support for mobile applications of your lighting system.

Even better, some smart lighting solutions use Wi-Fi and can be turned on or off regardless of where you are. As a result, if you’re forgetful, you may remotely switch off the lights rather than leave them on while you’re away.

Thus, keeping these variables in mind, I’m going to review the Govee LED Smart Lighting system so that you can compare the pros and cons and make an educated purchase decision.

Incandescent Free Residence: Govee LED Smart Lights for Your Household

Govee 2

In terms of revenue, there has been a surge in new users who moved to the smart lighting system, and the revenue is supposed to quadruple to 44 billion USD within 2030 from 11 billion in 2020.

However, if you’re looking for a bulb within a limited budget range and want the usability of the smart bulb system, Govee might be a good starting option.

Though the business is new to the market, it is competing with Philips Hue and Eufy by offering a variety of LEDs, light strips, and many other digital lighting devices at extremely low costs.

Easy functionality and a Great Al Assistant Integration

The Govee Wi-Fi LEDs function just as expected, linking to Wi-Fi and being operated via a mobile application.

Though these Govee Wi-Fi-linked LED lights are not as intelligent as the Nanoleaf Essential bulbs on the market, they do shine in one sector: Google AI and Alexa integration.

Furthermore, linking the Govee lights to a wireless system is simple, and the lights function without the use of a hub. This makes the system much more cost-effective compared to Hive and Hue from Philips, both of which require separate hubs to work.

The Mount and Brightness Levels Are Going to Be a Bummer

Govee 2

One potential disadvantage about the Govee system is that the brightness level is quite dim while showing colours except yellow and white. Plus, the buying options for this brand are also limited.

Another odd peculiarity is that this bulb is offered with a screw mount in the US, however, Govee only supplies a bayonet fitting in the UK. So anybody wishing for a Wi-Fi setup with screw-mount lights would need to purchase adapters.

Verdict: Great Value for Money

Govee smart lights provide exceptional value for money. With full-colour lights ranging around $14 / £14, it’s difficult to argue against Govee.

These lights are simple to operate and directly connect to your Wi-Fi network, eliminating the need for a separate hub. While they lack the sophisticated integration of Hue or Hive and the extra functionality of LIFX, the Govee bulb is an attractive purchase for a fourth of the price of its competitors.

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